Ben Caisley Racing

Sponsor Name: Ben Caisley

Location: UK National

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: Over 100k

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Ben Caisley is a professional racing driver and he is seeking sponsorship to support him throughout the 2024 season.


Ben Caisley – I am a 20-year-old, professional racing driver. I am on course to be racing in the World Endurance Championship, this is things like Ferraris and Lamborghinis but also the new generation of hypercars. However, I need your help! If you would like more information about the hundreds of thousands of views through in person spectators and viewers for live television, by all means get in touch.


Key Dates and Timings

Due to the uncertainty of which series I will be competing in for the 2024 season (as of Nov 23) I cannot promise dates however there will be at least half a dozen events spanning the entire long weekends at each, located at the most prestigious circuits across the UK.

Specific Opportunity Details

I can give your business excellent exposure, whether through logos or company name broadcasters on television, product placement, a mention in all social media posts, or a combination! I can also provide great corporate days with hospitality for several staff or partners at my events.

Features and Benefits

If you can think of an opportunity for your company, I can provide it! Advertising, Hospitality, Promotions, you name it!

Other Partners

My key sponsors currently are; Daikin Applied, JB Microscopes Ltd and Merit.


I would be looking for a minimum of £15,000 contribution annually for as long as the agreement lasts.