Bang Bang Boxing Club

Sponsor Name: Jamie Parker

Location: South West

Sector: Boxing

Budget: Budget Varies

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We’re looking to create the first dedicated boxing gym/Club in Crediton, Devon and are looking for sponsorship partners to make this happen. We currently have a derelict building on a busy road and a growing online presence which we can advertise your company on. Not only will you be helping our boxing club but helping to regenerate the town.

Target Audience

Aged 5-85 into sports and specifically boxing

Key Dates and Timings

Any sponsors will be guaranteed unlimited sponsorship of the building and lifelong recognition for your part in getting this project off the ground

Specific Opportunity Details

We have a small but growing online presence and a very dedicated team working hard to grow this further. Boxing is growing as a sport and the opportunities are endless in where this club can go and the potential for successful participants reaching the highest echelons of the sport are limited only by the equipment we can provide.

Features and Benefits

We would provide a plaque dedicated to our sponsors on the entrance to the building as well as any promotional services we can agreeably provide

Other Partners




Other Info

This project has been self funded so far and the benefits to the community of having such a club in place will benefit the sponsors as well as the participants