Ashton Aces Netball Club

Sponsor Name: Shelley Connelly

Location: South West

Sector: Womens Sport

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

We are a grass roots 25yr + old successful netball club within the Avon Netball League consisting of 2 teams. Our 2 teams, Diamonds & Hearts at the end of the 23/24 season sit at…. in Premier & … in Division 3. We also hold the 23/24 Umpire of the year award within Shamaine, a first team player and a over 40’s league finalist in Kelly, also a first team player. We are highly competitive but also a friendly, supportive women’s team who look to build each other up and promote women’s sports. pubs after games/at events by ladies looking to get into sport / wanting to ask about our sport so the potential to share.

Our club consists of women from 20-55 years old, across all working environments from lawyers to dog walkers, from all kinds of back grounds and achievements.

Target Audience

18 - 65 women - sporty/mums/family/highly social

Key Dates and Timings

24/25 season Sept 2024 - Aug 2025

Specific Opportunity Details

We launched our social media in 2023 and have a growing fanbase, this is set to double in 2024 as we have now appointed a specific social media representative. As netball looks to move to a professional sport in 2025 and house a premier league team within Bristol we hope to capitalize on this move and build a stronger following. We are also exploring a link up with a either a local cricket or rugby team, who are keen to join forces with a women's sport.

The Avon league starts in Sept 24 - May 2025 and any sponsor will be splashed across our social media as well as our kit. This kit will be seen by thousands of ladies throughout the season as we compete in Bristol as well as up/down the country whilst watching England Netball and in the summer of 2025 during summer tournaments. This year we are in Manchester in June, again across thousands of teams from all over the country.

Our ladies wear their kits to their local gyms, school runs, dog walking, kids activities - you name it we wear it! Therefor your business will be seen by thousands of ladies & men across predominantly Bristol & surrounding areas. The reach is endless across Bristol!

Features and Benefits

Name on kit - training hoodies

Other Partners

None - we are looking for a sole sponsor


£500 - 1500