Arctic Circle 80km Trek

Sponsor Name: Jason Dawes

Location: Midlands

Sector: Charities

Budget: Budget Varies

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Jason Dawes and Team are seeking sponsorship to support them as they prepare to take an 80km trek through the Arctic Circle.


Arctic Circle 80km Trek – About Us:
We are a team of three brothers – Jason, Brendan, and Liam Dawes – committed to making a difference. Our passion for adventure and social responsibility drives us to undertake extraordinary challenges for charitable causes.

Our Mission: In March 2025, we will embark on an 80km trek through the Arctic Circle. This demanding journey through extreme conditions is not just a test of our endurance, but a drive to raise funds and awareness for Children with Cancer UK, a charity dedicated to battling pediatric cancer.

Why Partner with Us:

Alignment with Social Responsibility: Partnering with us aligns your brand with a humanitarian cause, showcasing your commitment to social responsibility and community involvement.

Engagement with Diverse Audiences: Our challenge appeals to a wide range of audiences, from outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers to supporters of children’s welfare and cancer research. Customizable Partnership Opportunities: We offer flexible partnership options, including branding, product placement, and shared content creation.
Benefits for Sponsors:

Brand visibility on all promotional materials and our JustGiving page. Opportunities for co-branded content and shared storytelling. Engagement with a dedicated and diverse audience. Recognition as a supporter of a vital charitable cause.

Looking Forward: We are open to discussing tailored partnership opportunities that align with your brand’s goals and values. Join us in this adventure of compassion and endurance, and let’s make a lasting impact together.


Target Audience

Target Audience for Arctic Circle Challenge Primary Audience Characteristics: Age Range: Primarily adults aged 25-50, an age group known for their adventurous spirit and capacity for philanthropic involvement. Interests: Strong interest in outdoor activities, adventure sports, endurance challenges, and environmental awareness. Demographic Profile: Our audience includes a diverse range of individuals, but predominantly falls within the ABC1 demographic, characterized by higher education levels and professional occupations. Values and Behaviors: Health-conscious, socially responsible, and community-oriented. They value personal challenges and are often motivated by causes that make a difference in society. Secondary Audience: Families and Young Adults: While the core participants are adults, the event also resonates with families and younger adults who are inspired by adventure and altruism. Philanthropic Individuals: People of various age groups who are actively involved in or support charitable causes, particularly those focused on health and children's welfare. Digital Engagement: Our audience is digitally savvy and engages with content related to outdoor adventures, fitness, and charity work across multiple online platforms. Sponsorship Appeal: Sponsors will gain access to an audience that is not only passionate about adventure and fitness but also committed to social causes. The challenge's unique nature and charitable aspect appeal to a wide range of individuals, offering sponsors a broad reach and the potential to engage with a variety of market segments.

Key Dates and Timings

Key Dates and Timings for Arctic Circle Challenge
Event Date and Duration:

The Arctic Circle 80km Trek will take place from 14th to 18th March 2025.
Spanning 5 days and 4 nights, our journey will traverse the breathtaking terrains of Norway, Finland, and Sweden.

Fundraising Goal and Current Progress:

Our mission is to raise £5000 for Children with Cancer UK. As of now, we have successfully raised £670 towards this goal through donations from friends and family.

Sponsorship Timeline:

Immediate Needs: We are self-funding our expedition but actively seeking sponsorship to help reach our fundraising target. Contributions in the form of high-quality outdoor clothing and equipment would also be immensely valuable.Ongoing Collaboration: We are ready to partner with sponsors right away, focusing on fundraising and awareness campaigns in the lead-up to the trek.
Post-Event Activities: After completing the challenge, we plan to continue our advocacy and fundraising, sharing our journey and acknowledging the invaluable support of our sponsors.

Critical Deadlines:

Fundraising and Equipment Support: Our goal is to have sponsorship partnerships in place by December 2024. This allows sufficient time for preparation and maximizes the impact of our fundraising activities, but we are flexible.

Long-Term Partnership Potential:

The partnership for this event can pave the way for ongoing collaboration on future endeavors, offering sustained visibility and engagement opportunities for our sponsors.

Specific Opportunity Details

Event: Arctic Circle 80km Trek, organized by Rat Race.
Date: March 2025
Location: Scandinavian Arctic, across three countries.

Organizer's Fan Base and Digital Reach:

The event is organized by Rat Race, known for their significant following on various social media platforms.Rat Race's established audience includes a diverse group of adventure enthusiasts, charity supporters, and sports fans.Their digital presence offers an expansive reach for promotions and brand visibility.

Web and Social Media Presence:

Rat Race has an active and engaged online presence, with numerous followers on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Regular updates, captivating content, and a strong digital footprint will ensure broad visibility for sponsors. Potential for extensive media coverage due to the unique and challenging nature of the event.

Why Partners Should Get Involved:

High Visibility: Sponsorship will provide significant exposure through Rat Race's established digital platforms. Audience Engagement: Direct access to a wide and varied audience passionate about outdoor challenges and philanthropic causes. Corporate Social Responsibility: Aligning with this event enhances a brand's image as socially responsible, showing commitment to community-oriented initiatives. Customizable Sponsorship Opportunities: We offer various sponsorship options, including branding, product placement, and shared content creation, leveraging Rat Race's digital platforms.

Potential Impact:

Sponsors will contribute to achieving our fundraising goals for Children with Cancer UK, making a meaningful social impact.The partnership offers a unique opportunity to be associated with an esteemed event organizer and reach a broader audience. Potential for a lasting relationship with Rat Race for future events and initiatives, providing ongoing visibility and engagement.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits for Sponsors of the Arctic Circle Challenge

Sponsorship Features:

Branding Opportunities:

Potential for logo placement on event-related gear and promotional materials.Brand mentions in press releases and media interactions, subject to confirmation with event organizers.

Digital and Social Media Exposure:

Mentions and features on our JustGiving page and potential digital platforms used for the event. Possible shared content on Rat Race's social media channels, contingent upon discussions with the organizers.

Promotional Opportunities:

Inclusion in pre-event marketing campaigns. Opportunities for co-branded content such as blogs, videos, or articles, pending organizer approval.Post-event storytelling and highlights featuring the sponsor’s contributions.

Product Sampling or Showcasing:

Display or testing of sponsor's products during the event, with feedback on product performance.

Community Engagement and CSR:

Association with a charitable cause, enhancing the sponsor's corporate social responsibility profile.Engagement with a community passionate about health, adventure, and philanthropy.

Hospitality and Networking:

Potential hospitality opportunities for sponsors, subject to event format and organizer agreement.

Note to Potential Sponsors: While we are enthusiastic about promoting your brand during our Arctic Circle Challenge, we must clarify that final decisions on specific branding and promotional activities will be made in consultation with the event organizers, Rat Race. We invite you to share your specific requirements and ideas, which we will discuss with the organizers to explore feasibility and ensure compliance with event guidelines.

Benefits for Sponsors:

Enhanced Brand Visibility: Exposure to a diverse audience, enhancing brand recognition. Positive Cause Alignment: Strengthening brand image through association with health, adventure, and charitable support. Targeted Marketing: Connecting with demographics interested in outdoor activities and social responsibility.Long-term Partnership Potential: Opportunities for continued engagement in future events and initiatives.

Other Partners

Other Partners in the Arctic Circle Challenge
As we embark on the journey of securing sponsorships for the Arctic Circle Challenge, we are in the early stages of partnership discussions. This presents a unique and timely opportunity for brands to come on board as primary partners.

Current Partnerships:

While we are still finalizing our own partnerships, we encourage potential sponsors to visit the Rat Race Arctic Circle website to view the list of esteemed brands currently sponsoring Rat Race. This will give an insight into the caliber of partnerships and the kind of company your brand will be in.

Openness to Diverse Partnerships:

We are keen to collaborate with a variety of brands, especially those in outdoor and adventure gear, health and wellness, and environmental sustainability. Our goal is to create flexible, mutually beneficial partnerships, mindful of market dynamics and the importance of avoiding competitor conflicts.

Brand Exclusivity and Association:

We offer the possibility of exclusive partnership opportunities in certain categories, ensuring that your brand stands out without direct competitor involvement. Aligning with our event aligns your brand with adventure, endurance, and philanthropy, bolstering your public image and market reach.

Invitation to Potential Partners:

This is an open invitation to brands interested in being at the forefront of this exciting venture. As early sponsors, you will enjoy prominent visibility and the chance to significantly shape the event.For a comprehensive view of current Rat Race sponsors and to gauge the level of exposure and association we offer, please visit the Rat Race Arctic Circle website.


Investment Requirements for Arctic Circle Challenge Fundraising Goal: Our aim is to raise £5000 for Children with Cancer UK. Currently, we have successfully raised £670, as shown on our JustGiving page. Types of Support Sought: Cash Investment: Financial contributions to support logistics, gear, or promotional activities are welcome and will enhance our ability to complete the challenge and boost fundraising. Product or Promotional Support (Contra): We are seeking high-quality outdoor clothing and equipment to withstand the Arctic conditions. Promotional support through sponsors’ channels to increase our fundraising and challenge awareness is also valuable. Allocation of Funds: Any direct financial support will be transparently used for essential costs related to the challenge. Product support will be utilised during the challenge, offering potential for product testing and feedback. Promotional support will help expand our reach and fundraising capabilities. Transparency in Fundraising: The £670 currently raised on our JustGiving page, and any future donations received through it, will be directly donated to Children with Cancer UK. This ensures complete transparency and that all funds raised go towards supporting this vital cause. Sponsorship Tiers: We offer various levels of sponsorship, each providing different benefits, including exclusive category sponsorship and co-branding opportunities. Long-Term Partnership Potential: We are keen on building long-term relationships with our sponsors for future events and initiatives, providing continued visibility and engagement opportunities.

Other Info

Unique Challenge Aspects:

This trek is more than a physical challenge; it's a journey through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in Norway, Finland, and Sweden, symbolizing the resilience and determination inherent in the fight against childhood cancer.

Media and Publicity Opportunities:

Given the compelling nature of the challenge, we anticipate considerable interest from local and potentially national media, as well as robust engagement across social media platforms. This presents a valuable opportunity for sponsors to enhance their visibility and brand recognition.

Team Composition and Background:

Our team consists of three brothers with a shared passion for adventure and a commitment to making a positive impact. Our diverse backgrounds and personal stories around this cause offer relatable content that can resonate with a broad audience.

Safety and Logistic Planning:

Safety is paramount in our planning. We are working closely with experienced professionals to ensure a well-organized and secure event, aligning with the high standards set by Rat Race, the event organizer.

Rat Race’s Reputation and Reach:

Partnering with Rat Race, known for their high-profile and meticulously organized adventure events, adds a layer of credibility and attractiveness to the challenge, offering sponsors a platform with a proven track record.

Inspiring Community Engagement:

Beyond fundraising, our challenge aims to inspire and engage communities, encouraging more people to support important causes like Children with Cancer UK.

Flexibility for Creative Collaboration:

We welcome innovative ideas from sponsors for enhancing both the challenge and our fundraising efforts. Creative branding opportunities, social media initiatives, or unique community engagement strategies are all possibilities we are excited to explore.