AO Esports LTD

Sponsor Name: David Stewart

Location: Scotland

Sector: Esports

Budget: Budget Varies

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Community Empowerment:
AO eSports goes beyond mere competition; we are a community that supports and uplifts gamers. By sponsoring the organisation, your brand becomes an active participant in empowering the gaming community, showcasing your commitment to fostering positive gaming experiences.

Target Audience

Age range majority is 18-35 and mobile gaming

Key Dates and Timings

Global Exposure: Our next big event is the Thrain Cup is set to attract a global audience of gaming enthusiasts, Your brand will gain exposure to a diverse and engaged audience, creating valuable connections and strengthening your presence in the rapidly expanding esports market. Our last tournament had over 250k viewers over the duration of the event with 256 teams taking part and 1,792 people playing.

Specific Opportunity Details

Personal Growth and Development:
AO Esports Ltd is not just about winning; it's about personal growth and development. As a sponsor, your brand can be directly associated with supporting the journey of gamers towards excellence, demonstrating your dedication to nurturing talent within the esports ecosystem.

Our Social Medias have over 8k members & followers, we are active on Twitch, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube and Discord

Features and Benefits

Social Media Promotion: Regular posts and mentions across various social media platforms, reaching an audience of over 8,000 followers. This could include sponsored posts, shoutouts, or exclusive content featuring the sponsor.

Team Jersey Branding: Placement of the sponsor's company logo on the team's jerseys, providing visibility during gameplay and in promotional materials associated with the team.

Live Promotion on Twitch: Integration of the sponsor's brand into live streams on Twitch, a popular platform for gaming and esports content, reaching a large audience of engaged viewers.

Live Web Adverts: Display of the sponsor's advertisements or banners on the event's website during live broadcasts or other online content, ensuring visibility to online audiences.

Discord Announcements: Promotion of the sponsor's brand through announcements on Discord, a communication platform popular among gamers and esports enthusiasts, reaching over 30,000 members of the community.

Branding: The sponsor's logo prominently displayed on various assets related to the event or team, such as banners, posters, digital screens, and promotional materials.

Advertising: Inclusion of the sponsor's brand in advertising campaigns across different channels, including print, online, and social media platforms.

Other Partners

Under Armour, Samsung, Stormforce gaming, Game Over, Mobile Sales, Anker, Rogue Energy