Amelie Austin – Tennis

Sponsor Name: Rachel Austin

Location: South East

Sector: Tennis

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Amelie has been playing tennis since she turned 4, due to her developing talent she was asked to join a performance squad at 5 and then chosen from a large group of over 40 girls to represent Hertfordshire at 6, being the youngest on the team. Since then Amelie has gone on to represent Hertfordshire four subsequent times and was selected in September to represent East & Central GB in the regional tennis squad, seeded 4th in the region. At the beginning of 2024 Amelie was invited to take part in her first National event (Feb 24), playing in the Junior Nationals alongside the top 16 ranked girls in GB. Amelie is currently 8 (July birthday) and is playing in the u9 category and has started to play up a year in the u10 category.

Tennis is a very expensive (and elitist!) sport and unlike most other sports, an early specialization sport, which means the Junior players need a lot of technical coaching at a young age and have to compete regularly to achieve national rankings. Amelie is currently having one technical lesson per week in comparison to her peers who are having anywhere between 4-7 lessons a week yet she is ranked 25th in Great Britain, showing her incredible promise.! Amelie is currently one win away from breaking into the top 10 nationally. We would love to help Amelie continue on her tennis journey and reach her potential however do require some support in the form of sponsorship to achieve this. We are currently spending just over 10k per year on Amelie’s tennis, this incorporates lessons, squads, court hire, county training, tournaments and equipment, any help with this at all would be invaluable.

Amelie’s goal is to be selected for the GB team when she is eligible in early 2025 and we want to do as much as possible to help her achieve this!

Target Audience

Since Emma Raducanu won the US Open there is a lot of interest in Junior tennis - particularly for girls. This is a large, developing market.

Key Dates and Timings

We do have a full presentation pack that can be provided on request with Amelie's full training costs broken down - we would be asking for sponsorship towards Amelie coaching (technical / tactical), performance squads, equipment, court hire, tournament costs.

Specific Opportunity Details

As outlined above Amelie is now a regional tennis player representing East&Central GB, Amelie has just received her first invite to compete Nationally in February and if she competes well she will have enough ranking points to play in a G1 tournament in April - this is this highest level of event in Junior tennis.
Amelie's overall goal is to be selected for the GB team in 2025.

Features and Benefits

We would be very open to discuss the requirements of the sponsor - some ideas we have would be;
1. Logo on equipment i.e her tennis bag (this is brought everywhere and used every day)
2. We post regularly on our social media regarding Amelies journey and have lots of people in the UK and internationally that follow this - all posts could have the sponsor name, hashtag etc.

Other Partners

We have just started this process hence do not have any sponsors.


This would be TBD for discussion, I can provide a full cost breakdown so the sponsor can then chose what level they would want to commit to.

Other Info

Amelie is a very hardworking, driven and talented young player. What she has achieved so far with such little financial investment compared to her peers is a testament to her raw talent and her hardwork,. Instead of having endless lessons and coaches Amelie works incredibly hard to replicate what she learns in her one lesson per week and put this into practice during her tournaments. With some financial investment her coach believes she has the potential to be the best player for her age group nationally and achieve her full potential.