Aishwarya Majmudar Garba Event

Sponsor Name: Heena Parekh

Location: Midlands

Sector: Arts

Budget: 50k - 100k

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This is a Pre-Navratri Garba Dandiya event with the most renowned artist from India named Aishwarya Majmudar.
Expected is Hugh participation of around 3000 youth on Friday the 23rd of August in Leicester’s One of the Biggest and prestigious Hall , Leicester Morningside Arena, which gives us enough reasons to celebrate its True & Authentic flavor of Music and Dance ambience during this festival.

This creates wonderful opportunity for brand visibility and promotions during the Navratri festival.

Target Audience

Culture and Garba Dandiya lovers , mostly Indian

Key Dates and Timings

23rd of August, 2024

Specific Opportunity Details

Aishwarya Majmudar has over a million followers on Instagram alone. Famous for her playback singing especially in Gujarati.
Aishwarya Majmudar 'The Dandiya Princess', the renowned Gujarati music artist singer performer having established herself as a leading voice in the genre. She has impacted and continues to shape this vibrant musical space.

Aishwarya's devotion to Gujarati culture shines through in her renditions of devotional Garba songs dedicated to deities like Maa Ambe and Mogal Mata. Her soulful renditions resonate deeply with audiences seeking spiritual connection through music.

Aishwarya brings Garba to a global audience by performing at international events and collaborating with international artists. This exposure introduces the vibrant Gujarati music to new audiences and expands its reach beyond its traditional homeland.

Aishwarya inspires many aspiring singers and Garba enthusiasts. Her journey from reality show Chote Ustad winner to established artist shows the power of dedication and talent.

She is considered a global ambassador of Garba music, promoting its cultural significance and artistic beauty to the world.

Her work has revitalized Garba music, making it accessible to a wider audience while upholding its cultural heritage. As she continues to innovate and spread the love for this vibrant music form, Aishwarya Majmudar's impact on Garba and Gujarati music is undeniable.

So, join us to be part of this grand cultural celebration on Friday the 23rd of August 2024 at Morningside Arena in Leicester and experience the vibrant Dandiya Garba Dhamal with The one and only Aishwarya Majmudar the Dandiya Princess.

Features and Benefits

Your Brand will have a prominence in all the print media
including Posters, Tickets, Flyers (Flyers will be distributed to
shops in Leicester such as Melton Road, Rushey Mead, Gypsy
Lane, Thurmaston etc)
Your Brand will be Mentioned in all our Instagram and
Facebook Promotions and Adverts.
Your Brand Announcement will be done at regular intervals
during the event.


Including the promotional support, we are looking for £2000 per sponser