AB Racing

Sponsor Name: Heidi Blyth

Location: South East

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: Budget Varies

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AB Racing (Ayden Blyth) is seeking sponsorship to help him pursue his motorsport dreams of becoming a racing driver.


AB Racing – Ayden Blyth is a 17 year old business student, with a passion for Motor Sports. Ayden has been racing since he was 8 years old in various indoor venues and has in the last year been asked to join TRX racing as a driver. TRX focus on drivers who are clean, fair, competitive racers in an outdoor setting.

Ayden joined part way through the year learning the karts and taking part in various races, with many wins and podiums. One of his crowning glories was coming 1st place in a race and beating 2 Redbull Racing F2 drivers in June 2023.

Ayden had decided he wants to give 2024 his all. He has joined a gym, started a YouTube Channel and is currently learning how to edit videos ready for the 2024 season.

To give it his all we need to get s sponsor to be able to compete for the whole for the 2024 season. With cost of living it is not possible for us as a family to pay for the whole season. Motor sports is expensive and we are doing the best we can.

Sponsoring Ayden, means you are helping a young lad do what he loves and helping him pursue his dream of being a racing driver. Ayden has never asked for anything and deserves a chance to prove himself. He has the ability with some help, to achieve great things.


Target Audience

Racing Drivers. Motorsports lovers. Massive racing community. Plus supporters who some and watch the races. Various ages, races and genders.

Key Dates and Timings

The UKRC Ultimate Sprint will be Feb-Nov 2024. The UKRC Ultimate Endurance is in June and August 2024. There will be various practices at Daytona Karting plus options to race in adhoc events throughout the year,

Sponsorship will be for the 2024 season.

Specific Opportunity Details

We are asking for sponsorship of £4000 to cover the 2024 season. He currently has around 500 followers on Instagram, we are starting a Facebook page and a YouTube Channel. His following is growing everyday. My focus as his manager is to grow his following between now and February.

You should get involved in AB Racing to help a natural talent succeed this season. The more he races, the better he will get and the more publicity he will get.

Features and Benefits

Depending on sponsor type, we are flexible in approach as it is important we get this right for each sponsor:

£4k Sponsor will receive Large logo on racing suit, tagging your social medias and website on each Instagram post - at least 1 x per week & on his Bio, tagging of social media, website and log on video of YouTube channel, attendance to all races (Locations are Milton Keynes, Sandown and others).

£2k Sponsor will have medium logo on racing suit, tagging your social medias and website on Instagram posts at least 1x per week. Race attendance at half the races (Locations are Milton Keynes, Sandown and others).

Sponsorships of less than £2k will receive a small logo on racing suit. Depending on amount will depend on tagging on Instagram and YouTube.

Other Partners



£4000 for the season or various smaller sponsors.

Other Info

Our YouTube and Facebook channels are TBC. By Dec 2023