How Sponsor Seeker can help you

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How Sponsor Seeker can help you

Why you should use Sponsor Seeker for your sponsor seeking needs.


Sponsor Seeker are the UK largest online marketplace for sponsorship opportunities in sports, events, charities, and arts.

Over on our website we have 100’s of great opportunities waiting for you. From professional sports clubs to grass roots. We also have a range of charities and corporate events to chose from and finally we promote a plethora of performing art schools.


How Sponsor Seeker can help you find a sponsor that could save your club or career 

We offer a wide range of ways in which we can help you find a sponsor, from advertising on our portal, email marketing, telemarketing packages, right up to in-depth sponsorship search campaigns.

Our package starts with a FREE OF CHARGE  listing on the Sponsor Seeker website to advertise your sponsorship opportunities and help you find a sponsor. Just click the link below to complete the form and let us do the rest!

Click LISTING FORM to take you straight to the signing up form that will only take 5 minutes which may save your club/career.


How Sponsor Seeker can help you become a sponsor of the right athlete or club for your business

Our brand new opportunities portal with enhanced search options which allows you to filter down and search for the best fit partnership for you. Its very quick and easy.

Sponsor Seeker’s expertise in the marketplace for over 20 years can help you find the right fit athlete, club or organisation for your aims, objectives, and budget.

Sponsorship of a local team, athlete or event can be one of the most rewarding marketing activities a business can undertake. This is because sports and events are seen by hundreds of people that could be potential future customers of your company. They are highly popular as people love to watch these events and athletes and also enjoy supporting and following their local teams/ clubs.

By becoming a Sponsor it gives off an amazing brand image when potential future customers see the teams sponsors which is your companies name.


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