Fantastic Fanatics Limited – New Partners

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Fantastic Fanatics Limited – New Partners

New to join the team are Fantastic Fanatics. They are a company that help you as a club secure the funds you need to cover expenses and even to allow your club to grow.

Fantastic Fanatics delivers a new revenue stream to your club. It doesn’t matter if your club is grass roots or professional, you simply get paid whenever your fans and members sign up with Fantastic Fanatics over on their website, and whatever they buy from any of the companies Fantastic Fanatics  work with, a small proportion is donated back to you as a club. When signing up don’t forget to use the Sponsor Seeker drop down.


Some online companies you can choose from :

Allianz, Aviva, Avon, Asos, Arsenal, B&Q, Benefit, Boohoo and BoohooMan, BT, Boots and many more huge companies that your fans will use on a regular basis.


Some In Store Partners you can choose from :

KFC, Jim Reid Vehicle Insurance, Grub, Light of Bengal,  Shakes ‘n’ Cakes and many more huge companies that you can find over on our website.


Why they want to help you have this new stream of revenue:

The concept of Fantastic Fanatics was created in 2018 when co-founders, Danny Cowie and Barry Munro got a bit fed up with the amount of money circulating in the English Premier League. It’s not that these guys shouldn’t be well paid, they should, but what about football at every other level and what about every other sport, don’t these guys deserve the opportunity to generate funds more easily?


Find Out More :

Click here to go see for yourself how easy this new method of revenue for your club can be and also to find more details about how they can help.


For further details on how Fantastic Fanatics can help you please email