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Crawley Town renew their sponsorship with Brick Borrow

We are delighted to announce that Crawley Town has decided to renew their sponsorship with Brick Borrow as their shirt sleeve sponsor. This renewed agreement comes after an immensely successful season, which saw Crawley Town promoted through the playoffs. The collaboration between Crawley Town and Brick Borrow, originally secured by Sponsor Seeker, has been mutually beneficial, contributing to the club’s remarkable performance and achievements on the field.

Brick Borrow, a company renowned for its innovative solutions in the construction industry, has decided to extend their sponsorship, demonstrating their commitment and support for Crawley Town as they prepare for the upcoming season. This renewal signifies the strength of the partnership and the positive impact it has had on both parties.

The past season has been a memorable journey for Crawley Town, marked by outstanding performances, determination, and a well-deserved promotion. As the team looks to carry forward this momentum into the new season, the continued backing from Brick Borrow will play a pivotal role in their endeavors.

At Sponsor Seeker, we take pride in facilitating such meaningful connections between sponsors and sports teams. We were instrumental in securing the initial sponsorship between Crawley Town and Brick Borrow, helping to lay the foundation for the club’s growth and success. The renewal of Brick Borrow’s sponsorship is a testament to the effectiveness of our approach and the value we bring to both sponsors and sports organizations.

We look forward to seeing Crawley Town thrive in the upcoming season with the continued support of Brick Borrow, and we are excited to witness the further achievements this partnership will bring.


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