Boxing clubs will close without Government help

Boxing clubs will close without Government help

Eddie Hearn has written an open letter calling for help after boxing was excluded from a £300m rescue package. Which can be used to keep boxing gyms running after the pandemic.

Eddie Hearn  is an English sports promoter. He is also managing director of Matchroom Sport the largest boxing promotor.

“You will see clubs go out of business and go out of the local community,” He told BBC Radio 5 Live as part of its ‘Save Our Sport’ campaign.

“When you look at the £40m that went into horse racing, the £135m for rugby union, the £6m into motorsport – none of those sports even come close to boxing for providing the kind of facilities, jobs or aspirations for young kids in the community,” Eddie Hearn

Hearn has written to Dowden and sports minister Nigel Huddleston asking for amateur boxing to be supported, saying that it helps reduce obesity and crime, and improves mental health.

“Gun crime, knife crime – these are major, major problems in our cities at the moment. These clubs make people understand how to behave, they give them discipline, they give them some kind of regiment into their lifestyle.”

This campaign has drawn in a lot of publicity due to the fact how this sport enables young kids to get away from the knives and give them discipline. Current top boxers in the world such as Carl Frampton former two-weight world champion have spoken out on this matter: “Amateur coaches are having to put their hands in their pockets. It’s a shame. Boxing is a working class sport. You see all the success stories about taking them away from a life of crime. I don’t see any help or support coming in at all.”


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