Betfred renews Rugby League Commercial sponsorship through 2026


Betfred renews Rugby League Commercial sponsorship through 2026


Betting company Betfred will continue to sponsor rugby league in the UK for a further three years after extending its existing deal with the sport.

Betfred has sponsored Super League since 2017 and has gone on to sponsor the men’s, women’s and wheelchair Challenge Cup competitions.

It also sponsors the men’s Championship and League One, as well as the Women’s and Wheelchair Super Leagues.

“We are thrilled that the relationship will continue,” RL Commercial managing director Rhodri Jones said.

“Rugby League’s partnership with Betfred has been hugely significant for the sport in the seven years since they first became title sponsors of the men’s Super League.”

The deal comes before the Super League Grand Final at Old Trafford on Saturday, as well as the Wheelchair Grand Final and Championship play-off final the following day.


This collaboration has been instrumental in boosting the visibility and overall appeal of the league, attracting more fans, and promoting grassroots initiatives.

Betfred’s sponsorship contributions have extended beyond just financial support.

They have been deeply involved in community engagement and youth development programs, making a significant impact on the sport’s growth at various levels.

This dedication has been integral in fortifying the relationship between the rugby league and Betfred.

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