Top 10 Tips on writing a sponsorship proposal

tips on writing a sponsorship proposal

Top 10 Tips on writing a sponsorship proposal

Here at sponsor seeker our main goal is to bring businesses/investors to yourselves or club. Before this is achieved you need to ensure that you have the best possible sponsorship proposal you can make, to show why yourselves or your club is the best sponsor for these investors/businesses. At Sponsor Seeker we have an easy-to-follow quick template that you will find on our website that breaks down each section needed for the perfect proposal.


These are some tips in what needs to go in each box and why :


  • You need to explain who you are.

This part of the sponsorship proposal is vital as its not only the first thing they see its also allows the sponsor to understand who you are and where you’re from.


  • Write about what you do as a club or which sport you play

Now they understand who you are they can now read more about which sport you play or what your club does. This allows them to judge whether you meet their sponsorship criteria.


  • Some facts/ achievements about your club or self.

This is where you can express yourself to the potential sponsor, this bit can be unique to yourselves e.g., 2017 I won the English amateur, or our club is the oldest club in Yorkshire which won the division 1 title in 2019.


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  • Need to allocate a budget

Sponsors look at this amount as most companies have a marketing/ sponsoring budget. This is the amount of money you are looking for off the sponsorship, this amount may be a rough estimate of the amount you need  for the year or for an individual tournament.


  • Explain what it is the investment is for

Businesses want to know where their money will be going, just like anyone. For example, accommodation for the up coming season, new parts for motorsports and even equipment needed to function for the seasons ahead.


Showing what benefits, the sponsor will get by sponsoring you

This part is one of the most important sections as this shows how the sponsor can benefit from sponsoring you. This can be by billboards round the stadium, logo on kits, social media posts about your new sponsor (label your followings on socials) Promotion opportunities.


Target Audience

This shows the sponsor who your club/event appeals to? What age range, what demographic, and tell them about your fan base.


Any key dates in your calendar

Write down when you take part in your sport as this will show them when and where there company will be on show to the public or when your club is open, example, clubs open Monday-Sunday, Saturday is game day,  Tuesday and Thursday is training. If you have any competitions coming up, please note down so the sponsor is able too see what kind of publicity they can get from them competitions.


  • Make sure you have links to your social media or websitetop 10 tips, sponsorship opportunity

This can allow future sponsors do their own research on yourselves getting a better understanding. Also they will be able too see if their any promotion opportunities on your socials or website for their own personal gain.


  • Note down any current sponsors you’re working with

This is because businesses will not want to work with a club or athlete that is sponsored by their competitors. Or they may be interested which companies they will be working with in your sponsorship deal.



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