Sponsorship Search Services

Sponsor Seeker can also provide more in depth sponsorship search services to assist with your campaigns; we can take on the project on a retained basis in addition to your website listing. Below is a typical example of the work we can do and we offer campaign ranges from 8 to 26 weeks.

Develop client brief to ascertain objectives and sponsorship opportunities

  • Local or Web Meeting to discuss and value current assets and identify opportunities
  • Provide advice on planning, pricing and inventory
  • Bring experience and best practice from across the industry and other sports.

Research and create a best-fit target database, identifying market opportunities

  • Conducting research through our database and industry leading insight data to determine a key list of potential brands/companies to target for the opportunity.
  • Identify companies within the regional area not in contact with the client, where the opportunity may fit.

Email Marketing and Promotion

  • Content included in the weekly brand email we send to our connections
  • Promotion through relevant Social Media channels
  • Specifically targeted email campaigns to the chosen target market

Conducting personal initial contact to the Targets

  • Conducting a campaign of personal contact calls to the Targets to ascertain interest levels
  • Providing follow up information as requested by email or post

Obtain objectives from the client and feedback to the client for tailoring proposal

  • Liaising with the brand and the client to obtain the correct information required
  • Presenting information in an appealing way to the brand
  • We can assist the client with writing a presentation and or a proposal should the service be required.

Presentation of the proposal to the brand

  • Follow up information on the partnership sent in the form of a presentation by email or post
  • Chase up feedback and advise on further the opportunities available

Paperwork and reporting

  • Providing a weekly report of leads and contacts in progress and feedback
  • Refer any other leads sourced from the marketing process for internal follow up

Promotion and PR

  • Monitoring of click through links from the website and email marketing campaigns
  • Conduct relevant PR via our own social media concerning the partnership to mutual benefit of both organisations

Closing and negotiating sales agreements

  • Depending upon the level of involvement required by the client we can attend initial meetings and pass on the lead to the client to follow up and close, or
  • We can follow the sale through to a closed conclusion

For further information on our Sponsorship Search Services, please click below to set up a call to discuss further. 

Sponsorship Search Services