Sponsor Seeker is back!

Sponsor Seeker is back!

Sponsor Seeker is delighted to back helping sports team, events, arts and charities support themselves through what is a terribly difficult time for our sector.

Originally launched in 2015 by Founder Laura Miller, Sponsor Seeker’s aim is to help the grass roots organisations that get missed by the large sponsorship organisations. We launched the platform to help bridge that gap and we have successfully delivered numerous partnerships over the last 5 years.

Fast forward to 2020 and we find ourselves in a very different situation, sports team and venues are devoid of revenue as more and more restrictions due to COVID-19 are imposed and (at the time of writing) another 6 months before we may see a change in Spring 2021.

Sponsorship search is more difficult than ever with brands and companies tightening the purse strings – HOWEVER – it is possible to attract the right partner, with the right partner – we just have to be clever and stand out from the competition.

So Sponsor Seeker is back! with a huge amount of investment in a new platform and website, more marketing opportunities for seekers and a whole host of brand partners ready and waiting to work with you!

We are here to help you every step of the way – our service is completely free of charge – so make a start today and get your opportunities up online and lets start making some partnerships happen!