New Coronavirus restrictions across the UK puts a hold on grass roots.

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New Coronavirus restrictions across the UK puts a hold on grass roots.

The Coronavirus guidelines starting from the 5th January 2021 puts a stop to grass roots across the UK.


Coronavirus puts sports deemed “non-elite” by the government, including the Women’s FA Cup and golf, are suspended as England enters lockdown 3.0.

However, Elite sport can continue behind closed doors during the new national lockdown in England.

The latest sport changes come as the prime minister announced a whole raft of new restrictions for the country, in a television address on Monday evening.

The restrictions, which are expected to last until at least February 15, were prompted after the UK recorded more than 50,000 new confirmed Covid-19 cases for the seventh day in a row.


Which ‘non elite’ sports have been suspended during lockdown 3.0?

No outdoor sport will be allowed as the UK enters alert level five, meaning the likes of tennis and golf are prohibited.

Football below the Premier League and English Football League must stop.

This includes all indoor and outdoor youth and adult grassroots football, including U18s – except organised outdoor football for disabled people, which is allowed to continue.

The Vitality Women’s FA Cup will be halted as it is classed as non-elite at this stage of the competition.

Indoor sports including Karate, Taekwondo, Swimming and Badminton, will also be prohibited during this lockdown.


Which elite sports can continue behind closed doors during lockdown?

The Premier League and other elite sports, including rugby’s Gallagher Premiership, have strict testing regimes in place and established COVID protocols.

Horse racing will also continue behind closed doors.

These sports are allowed to continue with strict measures in place and also because it counts as a “place of work”.

Organised outdoor sport for disabled people is also allowed to continue.


GB Taekwondo performance director Gary Hall warned the impact of the closure of sporting facilities would not be fully appreciated for a number of years.

Hall said: “The long-term damage could be significant because you are switching so many young people off.

“You’ve got to stimulate the grassroots and it’s an issue that will come back to haunt us in two or three years because there will be fewer people doing sports.”


England Golf, which campaigned hard for the reopening of courses when they were closed first time around, said they were “extremely disappointed” with the latest announcement.


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