Zainabiya Sports Club

Sponsor Name: Zaheer Allarakhia

Location: South East

Sector: Sports

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Zainabiya Sports Club are looking for sponsorship to bring communities together through sports.


Zainabiya Sports Club is a small ethnic minority sports club located in Milton Keynes and it was founded in 2016 for the purpose of bringing communities together through sports. Over the years ZSC has participated various tournaments across the country and the EU, currently there are 70 men and 50 women participant’s including kids of all ages. The club is managed by a team of unpaid volunteers who are dedicated and are passionate about sports. We also participate in the Milton Keynes Table Tennis League. The club relies solely on sponsors specially when it comes to creating new kits for the team that lasts up to 2 years. The club also organises 2 annual tournaments in Milton Keynes where the sponsors get recognition through our kits and banners during the event.


Target Audience

Most of our target audience are small ethnic minority groups across the country.

Key Dates and Timings

The sponsorship lasts for 2 years.
Jan 2023 up to December 2024

We are looking for a sponsor by the end of December so we can get the new kits printed in January and promote our sponsor on our social media platforms

Specific Opportunity Details

We are committed to promote our sponsors when it comes to sponsorships.

Our new kits are currently under design and we are seeking a major sponsor who will be represented as our main sponsor of the kit for the year Jan 2023- Dec 2024

Together with that we will also promote our sponsor on tournaments we organise every year plus the participation on other tournaments means the sponsor gets recognition everywhere we play.

We have recruited a social media volunteer who does an exceptional job with social media, our followers are steadily growing in numbers.

You can find our social media page in Instagram where we tend to be very active by searching zainabiyasportsclubmk

By sponsoring you don't only help the team members get subsidised prices on their kits but also contribute towards the long-term success of this grassroot club that has been putting efforts to one day participate in large tournaments across the country

Features and Benefits

Our sponsor would get their logo printed on the front of our new kit, as well as being featured as our main sponsor of our tournaments we organise annually plus regular mentioning and promoting of the business on our social media platforms. We also send the kit to our sponsor for themselves.

Other Partners

We do offer small businesses in our local community to be minor sponsors when we do not meet our target of sponsorship that needs collecting and for that we offer them a logo on the sleeve of the tops or the top back of the tops. However, if we get 1 sponsor who can cover the entire sponsorship then we wouldn't consider other sponsors for the kit.

For our tournaments, we do look for small businesses to sponsor the event to cover the cost, however as our main sponsor, you would always be recognised and promoted as the clubs main sponsor on all events organised by the club