Youngest British Person To Climb Everest

Sponsor Name: Harper Dammann Smith

Location: London

Sector: Sports

Budget: 50k - 100k

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Harper Smith is looking for sponsorship to support him in his attempt to become the Youngest British Person To Climb Everest.


Youngest British Person To Climb Everest – I’m running a project this year where I’m attempting to become the youngest British person to climb mount Everest and whilst doing so, using that story and my photography as a platform to inspire school children to want to help combat climate change. The idea is to put together a series of images, films and science lessons from my climb, which will showcase the beauty of the Himalayas and other parts of the world to show less privileged children, who might not have the opportunity to experience wilderness much, in the hope that this will give them incentive to be proactive about climate change.

This October ill be working with world-famous Nims Dai as his expedition photographer on a climb in the Himalayas. Nims is a world record-breaking mountaineer and famous from Netflix’s most watched documentary 14 peaks and i’m sure a name many at Emanuel will have heard of.


Target Audience

Outdoor brands, Brands that want to aline themselves with climate activision, schools, adventurers.

Key Dates and Timings

The main sponsorship is required several months before the climb of Everest in April 2024. A small portion is needed much sooner to fund training for the project.

Specific Opportunity Details

Your brand has the unique opportunity to align itself with a record- breaking and inspirational expedition. At just 19, I'm poised to return to the Himalayas, building on my successful summit of Lobuche East (6100m). My ambition is clear: to ascend both Ama Dablam and Everest, setting a British record, whilst also working to inspire the next generation to protect the planet.

Through captivating short films, immersive photos, and tailored lessons on geography and biology relating to high- altitude mountaineering, I seek to bring the magnificence of the Himalayas to young minds everywhere. During and following my expeditions I'll collaborate with primary and secondary schools on projects relating to my expeditions. I hope that my own youthful accomplishments and the challenges I will face on this trip will resonate with young students, sparking a deeper passion for adventure and environmental stewardship.

This venture isn't only about setting a national record or achieving a significant mountaineering feat. It's anchored in a deeper purpose: to inspire the next generation. In a time when the shadow of climate change looms large, I firmly believe that our future hinges on how deeply the coming generation values the splendour of our Earth. And the path to ensuring a sustainable future? Instilling a genuine love and respect for the outdoors in young people in the hope that this will motivate them to champion the protection of our planet.

Features and Benefits


Exclusive access to video and photography content from the climbs that can be used in your own publications and reports; website and other marketing materials.

A photo with your brand‘s logo on a sponsor banner that will be opened at the summit.

A post-expedition photography exhibition and talk at your office showcasing my best photos from the expedition and previous adventures designed to engage your staff, clients, and stakeholders.

A website presence where your company logo and link will be placed on my website to showcase your key role in supporting the expedition for a period of 12 months when Harper returns to the UK.






Other Partners



£70,000 mostly as a cash investment.

Other Info

At the core of this project, I am to use the story as a platform to incentivise my generation and the ones to follow to be proactive in the fight against climate change.

Raised in London, I was fortunate to have a family keen on embracing true adventure, instilling in me an early yearning for exploration. Without the trips to Scotland, my father took me on as a child, my passion for adventure may well have remained undiscovered. Many of those who live in Urban environments, unable to get out for the weekend and distant from the wilderness, lack the passion to advocate for our planet.

In the coming decades, my generation and the ones to follow will confront unprecedented challenges due to climate change. Fostering a love for nature is crucial for inciting the huge efforts required to combat these environmental threats. For city children, unfamiliar with the wonders of nature, a slight rise in temperature doesn’t change their daily walks to school or really affect their lives, so why should they feel concerned? How can we then rely on them to combat perhaps the greatest challenge humanity has known if they don’t possess the desire to explore and experience the outdoors?

I aim to ignite awe and wonder in school children who may not be privileged enough to experience adventure as I did at a young age. By sharing my photography and films, and showing them unique landscapes, I hope to inspire them to embrace outdoor adventures and reveal to them the beauty that’s at stake.

Through this initiative, I’ll provide concise lessons relating to the geography and biology of high-altitude mountaineering. I’ll teach insights into the human body's adaptations and challenges faced at high altitudes and the dynamics of some of the world’s largest glaciers. Depending on the age group, I want to use my photography and the science around their locations to incentivise them to help protect what could be lost so easily.