Will Jennings Racing

Sponsor Name: William Jennings

Location: UK National

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: Budget Varies

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Will Jennings is a British Racing driver and is now looking for sponsorship to progress further.


Will Jennings – I’m a 18 year old British racing driver, who has completed in karting championships since the age of 12 and had some success. I am now looking to make a step up into Mk1 Mx5 and hopefully make my debut into car racing next year in the 5 cup mx5 championship.


Target Audience

Car racing is appealing to all motorsport fans, both male and females can be interested and involved in the motorsport industry from ages of 6 and above, they are keen motor enthusiasts into sports and are motivated.

Key Dates and Timings

2024 5 cup Mx5 season.

Specific Opportunity Details

5 club mx5 championship is a national championship that races at multiple tracks across the year that our potential sponsors can come to watch and sit in the car, in 2023 there are 42 registered drivers and I’m hoping make it 1 more for next year. On social media I have hundreds of supporters and fans, on Instagram I have 1.2k followers and on TikTok I have 600 followers. I am still trying to grow my followers and support, on FaceBook I have a great support as well. As a potential sponsor you should get involved because I will advertise and promote your business/company on social media but also at the track.

Features and Benefits

What you would get as a sponsor for a Racing driver is promotion and advertising of your business on:
1. Stickers on the car and transportation of your logo and name
2. Clothing with your logo and name
3. Promotion and advertising on all social media platforms
4. Come along to a race days/test days
5. Product sampling
6. Many more opportunities can be discussed

Other Partners

There are no other partners so far in my racing career as it has been my family and I financially supporting my Karting career


We can discuss how you would like to invest into me as a racing driver and what will be beneficial to both parties.

Other Info

I think this is a great opportunity for you to promote your business whilst supporting a young racing driver trying to make his dreams possible. You would be part of a thankful and loving family.