Vertex Racing

Sponsor Name: Andrew Stratton

Location: London

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: Under 10k

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Vertex Racing are looking for sponsorship as they are participating in competitions as a Professional Class team.


Vertex Racing – We’re a team of three talented schoolmates competing in the F1 in schools competition which takes place in over 40 countries around the world. Together, we work to pursue our passion of engineering, entrepreneurship, and racing.

In this season, our third season in the competition, we will participate as a Professional Class team for the second time. Now, with the full experience of two Professional Class events, we are determined to achieve these three goals:
– Beat the record for the UK’s Fastest Car
– Win the National Finals
– Place at least top three in the World Finals

However, we can’t do this alone, which is why we need your help to attain these objectives.

There are many ways you will benefit from the relationship. For example, through brand exposure (event is streamed with over 625,000 total views), as the national competition takes place at established motorsport shows and the world finals take place at an official grand prix track. Product placement, the team will be wearing your logos on our shirts and hoodies and have your stickers on our pit display and cars. Sponsoring us will also provide you with the opportunity of engaging with an audience that you have never interacted with before. You will also get the chance to interact with us and really feel a part of the team and the experience. It is also a great opportunity to improve your CSR (if that is one of your goals) as there are many possibilities to help out in the local community.


Target Audience

Generally we target younger people interested in F1. However, many teachers and older f1 enthusiasts also enjoy the event. The livestream reaches an even wider target audience.

Key Dates and Timings

The dates for the national competition and international competition are yet to be confirmed. However, we do know regionals (the initial stage of qualifying) are happening on the 1st of March. Sponsorship would be in the form of a one time payment or practical support and guidance based on the specialties of your company. The details of this relationship can be confirmed later.

Specific Opportunity Details

The unique opportunity we offer is the option to follow the team to the National competition held at a major motorsports event. While our fan base may not be huge (a few hundred people). These competitions are a great way to promote your brand through live interview and product placements. The livestream of the event gets 5000 views every day with a total of 625,000 views over the course of the competition.

Features and Benefits

As highlighted above, sponsors get the unique opportunity of following us to the national finals. We provide returns on investment based on the amount of sponsorship given. ranging from our title sponsor - £5000 to our bronze sponsor - £200. Sponsors who pay more will obviously have a more personal relationship with the team and enjoy more of our ROI. There is a pit display in the competition where we can give samples of your product and promote your brand in live interviews. We also put information posts of our sponsors on instagram, linkedin, twitter, and our website. We will also be wearing your logo on our hoodies and shirts for all to see at the competition. There will also be brand stickers on our car which is visible from the livestream.

Other Partners

The sponsors are reset every season so we have only acquired 3DPrintUK so far.


£5000 - £200 one time payment. Or a mentorship option where companies provide their service and support and receive our ROI free of charge.

Other Info

Last season was our first season taking part in the professional class competition. We came 5th. Now, with the experience of one competition under our belt, and some of our main competitors not continuing into this season, we are more motivated than ever to deliver on our feedback and really go far in the competition.