Uptown FC

Sponsor Name: Natasha Pearce

Location: Midlands

Sector: Football

Budget: Under 10k

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Uptown FC are looking for sponsorship to support their under 18s team which aims to create a positive impact on young individuals.


My name is Natasha and I am seeking sponsorship for the under 18s of our new club, Uptown FC from Nottingham. As a club, our aim is to steer young people away from drugs and violence through sport and we believe our football club is a brilliant way to get people back on the right path. If a front of shirt sponsorship would interest you to promote your business don’t hesitate to contact me, all we are looking for is for our sponsor to cover shirt cost. We’d love to work with you!

Many thanks,



Target Audience

Mainly under 18s and any parents.

Key Dates and Timings

We need sponsorship for 1 season, so until April-May time

Specific Opportunity Details

While we are a new club our club already has a fairly decent youth following due to the club being heavily linked with the players and their decisions are always integral to what happens at the club. Not only that but we definitely have parents of the players helping us out as well so we'll be sure to put a good word in.

Features and Benefits

Front of shirt sponsorship.

Other Partners

No other partners, completely flexible with whether another company would want to be involved or not.


Price of the kits for our players, approximately £750