University of St Andrews Hockey Club

Sponsor Name: St Andrews University HC

Location: Scotland

Sector: Hockey

Budget: Under 10k

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University of St Andrews Hockey Club – Sponsorship Opportunities


The University of St Andrews Hockey Club is one of the largest, most successful and inclusive sports clubs at the highest-ranking university in Scotland, with over 240 male and female members. In 2015, the club won Scottish Student Sport’s Club of the Year.

The club operate, in total, three men’s sides and six women’s sides, who all compete regularly at all levels from social to high performance hockey. The men’s and women’s 1st XIs play in BUCS Scottish 1A (university competition) and National 2 (national club competitions) with ambitious performance targets.

The club runs an extensive Outreach Programme, involving weekly youth coaching in conjunction with Madras College FP Hockey Club to over 100 children and holiday camps, attended by young players from across Europe. The club also takes part in the Athletic Union international volunteering programme, delivering Hockey for the first time to Rietenbosch Primary School (South Africa).

The club provides opportunities for members to develop personally and professionally to excel in later life through positions of responsibility on the executive and Men’s and Women’s committees, developing leadership and organisation captaining teams, volunteering locally and internationally, participating in the year-long Saints Leaders program, organising and managing large hockey and social events, umpiring and public speaking. We are keen for sponsors to contribute to and share in this success.

Target Audience

Graduate recruiters and all brands interested in marketing to students and across Scotland

Key Dates and Timings

University Term Dates

Specific Opportunity Details

Direct access to a pool of high quality graduates

Brand Exposure across St. Andrews University to Potential Graduates and Interns and Beyond

Features and Benefits

Our substantial membership means members study a variety of subjects allowing sponsors to be promoted for the purpose of recruitment and internships across all departments, or specifically on subject areas that sponsors feel are best suited to them.

The club offers a lot of opportunities for members to develop both personally and professionally to excel in later life. Graduates and interns produced are high quality.

We provided several graduates to our previous sponsor, in addition to a number of unsuccessful applicants, increasing the quality of their graduate intake.

We are able to promote events and brands effectively across the university.

Our size and prominence lends us substantial reach within the student body and places us on an influential platform to promote sponsors throughout St Andrews, including to non-hockey club members.

We organise sell-out whole university events, including a Rodeo Night, in our Union, showcasing good standing within the University and efficiency at promotion. This will be used to promote sponsors brands and events on campus.

We would be able to offer function rooms at local pub sponsors should sponsors wish to host events in St Andrews: We are actively looking to develop networking events and a CV/Employment skills session run by sponsor.

We are keep to collaborate with sponsors to organise and promote approximately three such events per year, open to the St Andrews student population.

There will be opportunities offering exposure to the wider student and national hockey playing population. These include Fresher’s Fayre; Six-a-side Tournament with other Universities; Tri-Annual Alumni newsletter; University wide Mixed Hockey Tournament; Logo on playing kit, website, league website and social media.

For a small additional fee, banners can be placed at the heavily used university astro-turf pitch.

The sponsor’s logos would appear on every page of our website, which has received over 16,500 visits since its launch (October 2017), while our Facebook, Instagram and official Twitter (over 7,000 followers in total) pages post regular updates. These are an effective channel to communicate to the entire student body our sponsors upcoming events and activities. We are keen to use this platform to promote sponsors upcoming events and opportunities

We will devote our utmost to advertising your brand, informing all students what sponsors do and can offer them.

Other Partners

Two local pub sponsors, TK Hockey


We are interested in sponsorship opportunities of all sizes. For a title sponsor, other clubs within the Athletic Union of a similar size receive approximately £5,000 p.a.

Other Info

The Sponsorship and Fundraising Officer ( and club executive committee will maintain regular contact with sponsors and assist organising events across campus, focussing on students near graduation, encouraging them to attend sponsor networking,
and other, events.