University of Manchester Athletics Club

Sponsor Name: Abraham Orekan

Location: North West

Sector: Track

Budget: Under 10k

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University of Manchester Athletics Club are looking for sponsorship as some of their athletes challenging for a place on Team GB.


University of Manchester Athletics Club – We represent the University of Manchester, one of the UK’s biggest universities in national track and field competitions, all of our athletes are studying for degrees at the University however there are quite a few who are very close to stepping up onto the national stage and challenging to compete for Team GB (at U23 and U20) levels. A Sponsor could benefit as a partner because of the exposure that these athletes and the club is starting to gain, it would generate more awareness. Also, the University has nearly 41,000 students, through programmes and events the club could get involved in, awareness of a sponsor could be raised within the university alone, this would be of great benefit.


Target Audience

Male and Female (18-30), into sports, specifically track and field

Key Dates and Timings

Duration of Academic year 2023-2024

Specific Opportunity Details

Competitons we host: Manchester Cup (Nov/Dec 2023) - up to 10-12 universities (100-300 athletes) come to Manchester
Events: Freshers week fair, sports clubs from all over the university will advertise their clubs to incoming and returning students

Competitions we enter:

BUCS Indoors and Outdoors Track and field championships (Jan/Feb 2024 and May 2024), all universities from across the UK compete

Features and Benefits

Promotional opportunities and advertising on the part of the club, we would be more than happy to be involved as a club.

Other Partners

As a club we currently do not have a sponsor for 2023/24, multiple clubs at the university are sponsored by Nike and have been sponsored by Playerlayer in the past.


Cash investment or product investment.