University of Liverpool Football Club

Sponsor Name: Louis Boyce

Location: North West

Sector: Football

Budget: Budget Varies

Social Links

The University of Liverpool Football Club is the biggest student sports team in Liverpool, with the most followers, most support and biggest student attraction in the city with over 700 people signing up to try become a member. We are looking at creating new partnerships with companies who seek to grow their business and outreach. We offer many different opportunities for companies such as Kit Sponsorship, Player Sponsorship, Social media sponsorship and much more. All of which has been comprised into a tiered sponsorship brochure, allowing companies to decide their level of involvement and outlines what they gain as a company. This full brochure will be accessible once your company makes contact with us.

Target Audience

Sports companies/ fans, those looking for student engagement, 28% of our demographic is between 25 and 34 however so we have a large outreach.

Key Dates and Timings

The sponsorship we are looking for is for the 24/25 season which commences from September, all sponsorship would be for one year and would commence from August.

Specific Opportunity Details

We have 80 new kits in the making spread over 4 teams, with different areas of the shirt available for sponsorship. Our fan base is the biggest of any student club in Liverpool with over 8,000 profile visits in the last 90 days alone. We have over 4,000 followers over Intagram, X and Tin Tok. With a dedicated marketing team coming into the club our social media is going to be key going forward for any partnerships, we offer many different opportunities such as Front of Shirt Sponsor, Ground banner sponsorship, player sponsorship, Goal of the month, Team of the week and much more all outlined in our detailed brochure.

Features and Benefits

Each of our sponsorships offer unique opportunities such as social media advertising, ground sponsorship, announcement posts over all social medias, high visibility not only on social media but also in person for all of our supporters, invite to end of year awards dinner complimentary as part of the 'gold tier' packages and also the 'end of year awards' opportunity. There are many more benefits to your company all of which are outlined in more detail in our brochure, accessible when first contact is made via email.

Other Partners

We currently have no sponsorship agreements in place for the upcoming year.


There are various opportunities available varying from £40 to £2500