University of Kent Women’s Hockey Club

Sponsor Name: The University of Kent Women's Hockey Team

Location: South East

Sector: Sports, Womens Sport

Budget: Budget Varies

Social Links

The University of Kent Women’s Hockey club seek sponsorship for new equipment to ensure all players are safe when playing.


The University of Kent Women’s Hockey club are an incredibly social group of people, comprising of around 85 members of varying hockey abilities. We currently have four teams that compete in varying BUCS leagues throughout the South East of England. Additionally, we have a Saturday team playing in a local league in Kent, playing against 11 other clubs within the area. We are one of the largest clubs on campus with a large social presence with many other clubs and societies across campus. We are looking for a sponsor to help us to progress further to greater successes. We are in need of new goalkeeping equipment to ensure the safety of our players as well as high level coaching to ensure our teams are working to their limits. We would like to work with a brand who share our desire to achieve and will help us to do so. We would like to offer a logo on our home and away kit, as well as all leisure wear that is seen throughout our campus as well as against varying hockey teams and supporters throughout the South East of England. We can also offer various social media promotions on a weekly basis that will not only reach our club, clubs around campus, but other universities and members of the public.


We are the largest Women’s club on campus. We get together every Wednesday evening for our socials.. (Did someone say VENSDAY?!) Our socials allow every member of women’s hockey to get together and socialise. We are a very close and very friendly group of people!!!

The University of Kent Women’s Hockey Club fields 5 teams. 4 teams who participate in BUCs league and 1 Saturday team who partakes in the Kent division. The Saturday team allows players of all our teams to play together and is a great learning experience!!

We are one of the biggest ladies clubs at UKC! Training on Monday and Tuesdays, BUCs Games and Saturday League!

Target Audience

Our club is a range of Women aged 18-23, however we have ties to many other women's and men's clubs across campus, as well as individuals who support the teams.

Key Dates and Timings

Our hockey season usually is between October to March, and our Hockey Club has a social media presence from September through to June. We are then potentially hoping to continue this partnership for years to come to not only allow our club to benefit but to allow us to bring benefits to potential sponsors.

Specific Opportunity Details

We currently have about 85 members within our club, however, we are extremely close to our Men's Club which holds around 40 members. We also have ties to many sporting clubs and societies across the University of Kent Campus. We also play against around 15 other universities where we can promote our sponsors. As well as promoting our sponsors on our social media platform that reaches around one and a half thousand people.

Features and Benefits

A logo of varying sizes and placements on our home and away kit as well as a logo on our leisurewear which is arguably seen more throughout our campus and other universities that we visit, as well as throughout Canterbury as a whole.

We can offer social media promotion weekly to our club as well as clubs around campus and on our social media platforms that can read up to one and a half thousand people.

Charity work:
We also complete multiple charitable events throughout the year to raise money for Kent Cancer Trust. We do fundraising events and have our annual spring ball where we invite all members of the club, individuals around campus and members of the public to come together for a night of celebrations to raise money for our charity. We also work alongside This Kent Girl Can and the Uni Boob Team to promote women in sport as well as promoting women's health.

Other Partners

Previously, we have been sponsored by Student Places, a lettings agency in Canterbury, as well as Student Republic and our our campus club, Venue.
We are currently working with Student Republic which is a nightlife promoter in Canterbury.


We are hoping for cash investments to allow us to buy better equipment and new goalkeeping equipment to ensure our players remain safe and to allow us to provide a high level of coaching to all our members to help push our teams towards promotion.

Other Info

We are a dedicated club who try to represent our sponsors to the best of our best ability. As a student led society, we have to rely on the help of sponsors to allow us to continue our growth and allow us to have access to the highest level of coaching, transport to games, and essential equipment we need to ensure our club can progress and ensure our players are always safe. We would love to build a new partnership for the next academic year, and hopefully, for years to come. We are happy to communicate further and accommodate any additional requests.