University of Kent Men’s Hockey

Sponsor Name: Thomas Hutson

Location: South East

Sector: Hockey

Budget: 10k - 50k

Social Links

The University of Kent Men’s Hockey are seeking sponsorship to support the funds of their club.


University of Kent Men’s Hockey – Each year we look to work with appropriate organisations to help fund our club through a sponsorship agreement. We ask for financial support in return for advertising on our players shirts. Company logos will appear on the front of the shirts for all four of the weekly hockey teams (3 British University and Colleges Sports teams and 1 local team). The logo will be seen by students in almost all South Eastern and London universities and many major universities across the South West. By including the your brand on our kit, the advertising potential will be increased by reaching students in many other cities.

The hockey club is the oldest sports club on campus and one of, if not, the most sociable club in the University. We are also the highest performing level team at the university in our Men’s 1st team. There is a close-knit group of sports teams at the University, and we regularly cross paths with other clubs whilst socialising. We even have a non-hockey players join as ‘social members’ which allows them to come to our member’s events and matches.


Target Audience

Our club is a male club, but we do have a counterpart female club. We have fans and social members all across the university that come to watch our matches, will large crowds forming for big games such as cup/league finals and our annual varsity match. The age range is from 18-30, but student ages have exceeded this number in the past. We are a highly sociable society and often find our selves socialising just as much as playing hockey.

Key Dates and Timings

Our sponsorships usually last for one year, from the 1st of September until the 31st August - effectively following the academic year. This makes the most sense for both us and our sponsors purely because we are a university following an academic year timetable.

Specific Opportunity Details

Our primary opportunities involve having your company logo or branding on our kit. We have spaces on both the front and back, as well as on each sleeve. We have 4 men's teams, competing locally and nationally in university leagues, so the reach we have covers most of south England, reach locations from Kent all the way to Exeter. Our membership numbers vary each year, ranging from around 60-75 depending on intake, and our instagram following is just short of 1k. As well has kit sponsorship opportunities, we can also promote your company or brand on our instagram and twitter pages, which we have done successfully for other brands in the past. This can be done in conjunction with a kit sponsor or on its own.

Features and Benefits

From being on our kit or on our instagram page, your company and brand will be reaching all our members and the teams that we play against multiple times a week. In the past we've had our members use particular letting agents purely due to their advertisement on our kit, as well as hosting many of our socials at local pubs that have sponsored us, where we team up with our female counterpart society and take over 100 members.

Other Partners

J D Wetherspoons. Rival Hockey. Crow Hockey. Local letting agencies such as JG Lets and Paul Roberts. Member run companies such as YouTube based Wild Bytes. Night clubs such as Venue and events promoters Student Republic, as well as many more.


Our sponsorships range from £100 - £2500 depending on what you as a company or brand require from us. We have also had sponsors in the past offer us discounts on their products or fund playing equipment for us This can be discussed on an individual basis.