Tove Valley FC – Making a real difference to young footballers

Sponsor Name: Tove Valley FC

Location: Midlands

Sector: Football, Sports

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Become a partner of Tove Valley FC to make a real difference to young footballers and reach a large and continuously growing online fanbase


Tove Valley FC have grown in size and reputation during its short history to date, and now have a competitive and large first team who have achieved promotion this past season, and interest in joining our fantastic club is continuing to rise. With the club set to double in size next season through the formation of a second side and become the largest adults club in Towcester, this is the perfect time for a new club partner to become involved in sponsorship. Our dedicated volunteer committee and qualified social media team have offered bespoke and targeted online support to our current sponsors and are excited to offer their services to new businesses looking to partner with Tove Valley FC.

With 1500+ followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Snapchat, we offer fantastic potential for club sponsors to reach a wide audience across our platforms, with out last 3 months of social media insights indicating we have reached over 4,000 every month through our regular fan engagement.

Without sponsorships, we would not have been able to form or survive as a club, and we truly understand the importance and value of our club partners, therefore we have a commitment in supporting and rewarding all sponsors in every way we can. Beyond regular social media graphics, images and videos as part of our regular content which feature our sponsors logos, we have regular specific posts to raise awareness of our sponsors and outside of pandemic restrictions can commit to the club using our sponsors.

Please check out our social media accounts to see what content we would ensure your business was integrated into, along with the followers we would reach. Our demographic goes beyond local support having grown our online fanbase, reaching a younger audience of 18-30 year olds who are a prime online target audience for many businesses, with expendable income and increased online business use and engagement.

Target Audience

Male 18-30, into sports

Key Dates and Timings

With our 2021-22 season scheduled to begin from August, we would look to get new sponsors on board from this date, with many opportunities being for assets which are used across many years where we can establish a strong ongoing relationship with the club as it continues to grow.

With a daily breakdown on engagement and social media support we can offer a custom plan to support your business online, with most additional traffic being over the weekends with match days being on Sundays for both sides.

Specific Opportunity Details

50 club members establishing a direct relationship with our sponsors to support word of mouth reviews of your business, with a club website to support our social media channels with 1500+ direct followers and approximately 4000 impressions on a monthly basis, giving a strong social media presence of high quality content and support to our sponsorship partners. On top of this, we have match day footfall at the public playing field, currently hosting up to 100 fans on match days from home and away fans, with opposition team seeing your businesses logo in a league with teams spread all across Northamptonshire.

We have many varying sponsorship opportunities which we detail on our sponsor opportunity page on the open opportunity list drop down on the right of the page at:

A crucial expenditure for our club to survive is the hire of our football pitch facility from the local parish council, which is slated at £400/year. To have a new business partner support these costs for our upcoming season would ensure our clubs survival throughout the pandemic and help our 2 teams enter the league next year.

Any sponsorship support for this expenditure would be awarded the title of Home Match Sponsor, being on all our home match build up and post match reporting's, along with permanent signs at the public playing field where your logo would be seen by all footfall at the park throughout the week along with match days for both home and away players/supporters. We would also install a large pitch side advertising sign which would be visible in all our home highlights videos.

Features and Benefits

We feel our club can offer serious benefit to any business partners looking to sponsor Tove Valley, with our previously mentioned qualified and committed social media team with proven success in marketing support to our current sponsors.

With a strong club branding presence and established and growing online fanbase, we can offer a bespoke plan to maximise our clubs support of your business. To become a club partner would ensure your logo is present on all our social media posts, on graphics, videos, highlights and posts.

Other Partners

Our existent partners who have helped our club grow and establish itself so far are the amazing:

WildWood Competitions

The Ganges Towcester

Cre8 Towcester

OSS Media Limited


£400 costs would cover the hire of our facilities, with many other investment opportunities with appropriate plans in place to reward and value your amazing investment available on our SNAP sponsorship opportunity management page

Other Info

All our sponsorship opportunities are flexible and we welcome any and all interest and proposals into alternative ways in which you would like to become a partner of our club - please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Many thanks for taking the time to find out more about our club and how you can help make a real difference in our community and how we can help support your business as a partner of our great club.