ThorneyCroft 56 Racing

Sponsor Name: ThorneyCroft 56 Racing

Location: UK National

Sector: Motor Sport, Sports

Budget: Budget Varies

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ThorneyCroft 56 Racing – Bradley Wilson British Superbike Racer


Hello! I’m Bradley Wilson #56

My racing journey has not only been challenging but also very rewarding. This year I have been fortunate enough to form my own race team with great sponsors ‘ThorneyCroft 56 Racing’.
This is giving me a second year to race within the British Superbike Championship.

I started racing back in 2016, but 2018 was my biggest year to date for development however, 2019 trump’d that!

This year i’m going to be bigger and better than I have ever been with the support of my family and race team behind me. 2020 I have changed bikes and a new team. I am achieving more and doing better than I ever imagined, I’m finishing higher than I thought I could.

But with this I need a great sponsorship crew behind me to make this happen.

By having you as a partner this will help my dream of racing motor bikes come true, with this racing comes great expense. If you wanted to be a partner, you wouldn’t just be a partner you’d be included in the race family. I would benefit drastically by having you on board as a partner, having people behind me who believe in me makes this dream seem more than that and can help it become a reality, but it gives me the confidence and drive to succeed.

Target Audience

Sports person, all ages, families

Key Dates and Timings

There are several race meetings up and down the country. This year we have had a short season, but we are going to be back to a full season with the added road racing as well.

Usually race meetings run from Friday to Sunday.

Specific Opportunity Details

This opportunity will allow you to become apart of the race family and attend race meetings up and down the country, but also see me develop as a rider.

I have a strong network of people behind me who support me with my racing. On Facebook I have regular people who like and share my posts and a good fan base behind me wanting me to succeed. I'm hoping this year with being at BSB I will get recognised more and able to increase my likes, shares and fans.

Below you will see there are many advantages for you or your company if you get on board with racing.

Features and Benefits

Tickets - you'd be able to have tickets to attend the race meetings to come and watch and support, not only this you'd get to meet the whole team and see what goes on behind the scenes of racing.

Food and Beverage - Being a part of the race family you wouldn't have to worry about eating or drinking all weekend, we have a hospitality and catering managers who takes care of not only me but the whole race family.

Branding and Advertising - We put together a sponsorship package to suit all individually, no matter how big or small the support or funding is, it is all grateful and everything comes with perks and benefits. As I said above everyone will be able to receive tickets for the weekends.
But also logo's on helmet's, leathers and the bike itself - depending on the support given will depend on the size and positioning of the logo, but this can be discussed during the package planning.

Every round at BSB is also televised which is a great advertising opportunity for yourselves when logo's are displayed.

Other Partners

I currently have some brilliant sponsor's behind me, who have been with me from when I started out. But with expanding and getting bigger that comes with a price and needing more people behind me.

Our title sponsor is Thorney Croft Solicitors. Other sponsors include: R&G, Morris lubricants, DRC leathers, Smart Repair, Scorpian exhausts, sign & print, LS2 Helmets, Spray Smart, B&C Express motorbikes and many more.


I am looking to have any kind of support behind me, whether this is providing merchandise which is going to help me with my racing or for my bike such as oil companies, bike parts, cleaning products etc. I always want to look my best and stand out, I have great sponsors behind me already for this but I’d always be opening to branch out to other people. I want my bike to be the best it can be this year, this will allow me to get to the top and achieve my dreams. Any support I can get for my bike to be the best and the fastest is a defient yes for me! I also like to link up with local brands, as I have a business myself I like to do my part in helping other out – I like to make sure their brand is displayed well and social media is up to date for them. Paying my entries for each round is also a main part of this journey, I never like to ask for money when seeking sponsorship. I always like to see the products being used. However, without paying for the entry I wouldn’t be able to make this happen. So any money contributions, how big or small will be appreciated.

Other Info

This is a great opportunity to get in with a great race family and become a part of a brilliant team!

I have a new social media account to track my racing, it’s attracted new and old fans and its forever growing!