The Swinsian Soloist Competition

Sponsor Name: Stephen Cottage

Location: London

Sector: Arts

Budget: 50k - 100k

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Stephen Cottage is looking for sponsorship for The Swinsian Soloist Competition taking place in London in 2024.


I am Stephen Cottage, Founder, of The Swinsian Soloist Competition in London. I previously ran a successful international soloist competition for 23 years outside of London which attracted a high standard of entries from over 30 countries and was judged by musicians working at the top of their fields in classical music.

The competition will help to promote young musicians (30 and under) who are looking to either further, or begin, their playing careers. The competition will also be a great flagship for London and is envisaged to develop much in the same way as the Donatella Flick Conducting Competition has – a great event for the London audience too.

I am seeking a main sponsor as well as the usual private funding from patrons, arts benefactors, and corporate/business sponsorship. I envisage this developing into an ongoing, signature competition for London. The competition will be held over one day in a suitable London venue.


Target Audience

This event will appeal to a wide demographic. In terms of age it's from 15 to 90 or so, and appealing to all sexes and genders equally. It's a music event that is specifically geared to classical music by serious performers who are interested in furthering their playing careers.

Key Dates and Timings

The competition is envisaged to become an annual event and is set to run during 2024 leading up to the main event which is the soloist competition for the 12 finalists held over one day in London at a suitable venue.

Specific Opportunity Details

I'm looking to create an international soloist competition that will cater for professional musicians and current students studying at any recognised music college, both in the UK and internationally, who are aged 30 or under, and are looking to further their performing careers.

The pre-selected virtuosic twelve candidates will be selected from the applications which will include audio auditions along with the usual resumes from the categories of woodwind, strings, brass, voice, piano, and percussion, and will compete together, regardless of their category, but rather more in the pursuit of outstanding musicianship.

I already have over 600 very interested and engaged music professionals on my LinkedIn and some potential serious musicians enthusiastic about the competition and who want to engage on the adjudicating side.

Features and Benefits

Along with cash prizes for the winning and placed performances, the winner will be invited to perform with a prestigious ensemble/orchestra that The Swinsian Competition will liaise with, together with the offer to give a recital/performance either on the premises of the main sponsor's business or private home, or, if not suitable, at a suitable London venue.

This will be a fantastic opportunity for the main sponsor/benefactor to invite all their friends, family, business associates, and corporate partners. This would not only be prestigious, beneficial, and entertaining for the sponsor and their associates, but would be instrumental in helping to push the careers of young musicians in the right direction in .

Other Partners

I envisage some serious names will be involved (I already have one or two lined up who are interested in being a key part of the competition.


I am looking for total sponsorship of £50,000 which could either be from a single, overall corporate sponsor/patron/philanthropist or private benefactor, or, a split of something like £30,000 from a 'main sponsor' and the other £20,000 from several other businesses/patrons etc.

Other Info

The Swinsian will use a small percentage of its income to help provide a small bursary each year to a financially-challenged, but outstanding student at each of the major London music colleges – Royal College of Music, Royal Academy of Music, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, and Trinity Laban.

In case you were wondering, 'Swinsian' is an old English verb meaning 'to make melody'.