The Open A cappella Competition

Sponsor Name: Shaquira Lue

Location: UK National

Sector: Arts

Budget: 10k - 50k

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The Open A cappella Competition is looking for sponsorship.


The Open A Cappella Competition or The OAComp, is an annual competition designed to showcase collegiate and community a cappella groups across the UK. Our inaugural competition ran in 2020 with 10 highly acclaimed groups. Since then, we’ve been running the UK’s only national a cappella competition annually – all for the love of a cappella.

The competition usually lasts 2-3 hours, packed full of excitement and fun, with each group presenting their own musical arrangements and choreography during their 10 minute time slot.

If you’d like to watch our most recent 2022 competition – head over to our home page to rewatch it on youtube.


Target Audience

University students age 18 - 22, highly social, skilled musically, performers, leaders and speakers, Male and Female, Friends and Families of performers, young kids age 10 - 17, and older adults 22+ enjoy singing and a cappella pop culture

Key Dates and Timings

Competition date: Saturday 4th March 2023
Single event sponsor deadline: January 1st 2023
Multi-year sponsorship - ongoing

Specific Opportunity Details

The UK a cappella community is a growing industry with over 300 collegiate and community groups across the UK. Our company The Open A cappella Community (OAC) provide products, services, and events to support and enhance the UK a cappella community – uniting us under one umbrella.

Now is a time of fantastic growth in the company, so we want to continue growing with the right set of companies in our arsenal. Here's why you should support this event:

1. Over 150 individual competitors 

2. Over 10 universities across the UK (location marketing) 

3. Over 20 groups applying each year (360 individuals minimum) 

4. Audiences of over 400 for the live event, including live stream. 

5. Each individual group with a average following of about 2k in their local community. 

The outreach and potential for this annual national event is incredible. Considering we are the only one of our kind that is dedicated to the UK and have a fresh group turn over every year - we are only growing and we're looking now for brands to join us in the journey. 

Features and Benefits

We have many package styles: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass and Ad Lib Packages.

An example of the Soprano package:
Multi-year partnership, bespoke offer and marketing to get your brand broadcast to all of our audiences.

Including any of the following assets: - Video Message between acts - Use of equipment in shows (if applicable) - VIP Backstage tour - Meeting winning artists - Photo opportunity with groups - Verbal recognition during interviews - Logo embossed on competition trophy - Meeting groups before performances - Your merchandise placed in all dressing rooms - Exhibition space at the venue on the competition day - Advertisements in the competition programmes - Merchandise added to the fundraiser raffle - Email Blasts - Features in interviews and articles - Named recognition in post-event press release and reports - Verbal recognition during event announcements - Logo added to live stream banner - Logo featured in video promotion - Recognition in pre-event press release - Presence on our event flyers and posters - Commitment to maintain contact and affiliation with OAC network - Early bird notice on any other future events - Feature in thank-you email to all competing groups - Company newsletter feature and subscription - Tickets to show (amount relative to sponsorship) - Logo in printed programmes - Website presence - Promotion on social media (Facebook and/or Instagram)

Other Partners

Coral Colour
The King's Singers
The AC Product
Warwick Arts Center
Warwick Creative Futures


Total investment: 10,000 cash investment and in-kind services