The Occult Family

Sponsor Name: JP & Kymmi Kenny

Location: North West

Sector: Events

Budget: Budget Varies

Social Links

The Occult Family are seeking sponsorship for their ghost hunting events that take place across the North West of the UK.


The Occult Family – We are the first Paranormal Family who host ghost hunting events twice a month all over the north west of the UK, host live investigations on our social media’ and have our own haunted museum attached to our house. We have a good following and have been on numerous TV shows such as: ITV, This Morning, Access Hollywood (USA) and Studio 10 (Australia). We would love to work with a partner who can help us develop this journey and we can also help the partner develop on their journey.


Target Audience

All genders 16 +

Key Dates and Timings

We run events twice per month across the North West of the UK (9pm -2am or 9pm - 7am). We also hold Live investigations and talks on social media and in our Haunted Museum.

Specific Opportunity Details

Our fan base is growing each day with our Facebook following being 22,500, our Instagram following being 6,5000 and our traffic on our website being high due to our events selling out. This is an exciting time to get involved with The Occult Family as we are growing at a fast pace and have a wide range of ideas to expand. We are aiming to include more investigations as a family which in turn will gain more media interest and gain more followers on our socials. The opportunities for a partner are huge and we would love to discuss this with someone who is interested!

Features and Benefits

With a large media interest we are always approached by newspapers, magazines, TV shows, Podcasts and many more. We will mention your brand on all of these platforms and promote your brand. During our event evenings we can have a banner with your name on and mention you to our guests. You will also be mentioned on our website which has a lot of traffic due to all of our events selling out. We can also offer hospitality tickets to your brand and also hold team building days with a twist.

Other Partners

We currently have no other brands on board.


This can be discussed with the sponsor, any support helps our company and brand grow!