The Haus Of Fox

Sponsor Name: Ashley Hillier

Location: UK National

Sector: Events

Budget: Under 10k

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The Haus Of Fox is a LGBT+ collective of artist and performers from a round the uk putting on shows for local communities. With some of the artists being drag queens, dancers, lighting and sound technicians, graphic designers, costumers, stylists.

Our shows are packed with sets, costumes, wigs, music, lighting, special effects and performance! We put on shows to bring joy to communities around the uk. And seeing people happy is what keeps us going.

When The Haus Of Fox put on a show we are hit by venues with big booking fees that want payments before events which stops us in out tracks. As we don’t make money untill after the shows from ticket sales.

What we need is some sponsorship to help us get into venues, help fund us with sets, lighting ect

Target Audience

Out shows appeal to everyone, young, old, middle aged. Most of our shows are 18+ but we do family friendly shows too.

Key Dates and Timings

Our next show is on the 11th may in cambridge, we have a venue chosen but now is the struggle of getting the venue covered for payment. As we don’t get money from tickets untill a few days after the show.

Specific Opportunity Details

The Haus Of Fox has been around for a few year but only really taken off the last 2 half years. We have a big following and our shows do very well and almost always sell out. We have team members that have been in the west end, tv, film.

Features and Benefits

If we got a sponsor they will get free tickets, will be able to advertise at our posters and at our shows.

Other Partners

Currently we have no sponsors, but we are mainly looking for one big sponsor.


We are ideally looking for a £800 cash investment on each show. This so to cover venue hire, posters being printed, tickets being printed, sets being made, lighting and sound hire if needed in some venues

Other Info

We aim to put on a new show each month at different venues. And in the hopes of having our own venue or a permanent residence at a venue.