The Empowerment Festival

Sponsor Name: Sophie Webber

Location: South West

Sector: Arts

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Heels Empowerment is a dance business. It was founded with a passion and drive to create a welcoming and inclusive space for women to learn how to dance. Founded by professional dancer Georgia Collins, she has a fire to support women to feel empowered and confident in their own skin. Heels Empowerment now runs classes in Cardiff and Bristol, and has a client base of 700+ clients.

The dance industry can be exclusive, so the founder wanted to make sure that everyone felt comfortable and secure, no matter their size, shape, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Heels Empowerment aims to create a safe environment for women who want to try dancing in heels without feeling judged.

Besides creating a safe and welcoming space, Heels Empowerment has also developed an incredibly passionate community of women. By emphasising women empowerment and a sense of belonging, Heels has attracted a passionate and devoted following. Clients not only attend classes and workshops, but they also are passionate about spreading the message of self-confidence and empowerment to others.

Georgia’s dedication to building a community that uplifts and supports each other has played a significant role in Heels Empowerment’s success. By providing a place for women to connect, share their experiences, and build relationships, Heels Empowerment has created a movement that extends beyond the dance studio. The community has become a source of encouragement and inspiration, empowering women to feel confident and strong in every aspect of their lives.

Target Audience

Attendees: 100 - 150 and are a mix of: - Heels Empowerment clients - Professional dancers - Friends of Heels Empowerment - Predominently women - Age 18 - 60

Key Dates and Timings

Date: 29th - 31st of June 2024.
Place: Bath, UK - ‘Field Good Bar’

The sponsorship is required as soon as possible.

Specific Opportunity Details

The WildWest Empower Fest is our biggest and most exciting Heels Empowerment event yet. It’s a festival dedicated to celebrating self-confidence, dance and empowerment through an exciting programme over the weekend, full of performances, DJs, immersive workshops, and other entertainment. We wanted to create a fun-filled weekend for attendees to feel both empowered and inspired.

Over the last 18 months, we've successfully organised three major events for the Heels Empowerment community, all of which were sell-out successes. This year, our goal is to elevate our efforts and expand our reach to connect with new audiences on an even larger scale.

Number of total clients: 750

These queens are returning clients to Heels Empowerment, attending either open classes, a couse, or private 1-2-1s.

Account: Heels_Empowerment
Followers: 10.3K

Account: Geoo_rose
Followers: 11K

Account: heelsempowerment
Followers: 95.1K

Key benefits to sponsors:
- Increased exposure and brand recognition
- Exciting joint campaign opportunities
- Access to Heels Empowerment’s loyal client base
- An early parner in a fast-growing business

Features and Benefits

As part of the package, sponsors could receive:

Brand Recognition and exclusive naming rights as the lead partner on the event.

Prominent Logo Placement on all materials and social media dominance leading up to and following the event now, including: dedicated posts, shout outs, and featured content on the main Heels Empowerment account.

Exclusive Branding for The Main Stage - to be present for the whole of the event. The main stage is 10 x 5 metres and located in the marqee.

Collaborative Content Creation: Heels Empowerment will produce collaborative content featuring your dance shoes, showcasing their performance during workshops and performances (no. of posts can be agreed).

Exclusive Speaking Opportunity: Offer of a designated time slot to speak at the event, allowing to showcase and engage directly with attendees (if unable to attend, the Heels Empowerment team speak on on this).

Logo Placement on Event Merchandise: Include VAMP’s logo on all event merchandise - hoodies, T-shirts

Dedicated Email Promotion: Send out dedicated email blasts to event attendees and subscribers featuring the gold sponsor's branding and promotional messages to drive awareness and participation.

Post-Event Follow-Up Opportunities: Provide access to attendee data or offer post-event engagement opportunities such as follow-up exclusive offers to maintain connections and drive ongoing brand engagement.

Other Partners

LUSH cosmetics


Cash, amounts between 1,500 - 5,000