The Elite Cup

Sponsor Name: Shaun Archibald

Location: UK National

Sector: Events

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

TikTok Influencer, Shaun, is looking for sponsorship for his Content Creator Charity Match (The Elite Cup) with a planned reach of 5M+


The Elite Cup – My name is Shaun, and I’m a Television production student at Bournemouth University and a sports comedy TikTok influencer with over 315,000 followers. As I briefly explained last year, a friend of mine I made by joining the University sadly passed away from cancer after initially beating it. It surprised me as it was something she kept quiet about and never got to open up to me until the last time I saw her before she left the University. My housemate, however, who had gone to the same sixth form and joined the University with her knew, and this year he competed in a charity MMA fight to raise money for Cancer Research UK; after being inspired I am planning to host my own Content Creator Charity match this year or the next and hopefully a sponsor for the event. I say this year or the next as I already know that the event would have to fall with a football break (International break) as stadiums won’t be in use, I’ve already put myself in contact with The Parkside stadium in Aveley and The Gallagher Stadium would be happy to host the event as long as it fell within it a time of no league use.

I am also confident that I and everyone involved can represent your brand in a positive and professional manner.

With the creators I know and plan to approach the total reach of The Elite Cup should certainly be 5M+. In exchange for your sponsorship, I explain in my PowerPoint presentation where your logo is placed on the football shirts to promote on the day as well as around the stadium. The sponsor will also be promoted on social media accounts in addition to advertising at half-time on the day and on posts leading up to the day. Your sponsorship will help afford to put on this amazing event with buying things such as kits to hiring cost of the venue.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.


Target Audience

Males aged 16 - 30 is our target audience, into football and sports too.

Key Dates and Timings

The date for the event can be confirmed after securing a sponsorship as The Parkside stadium & The Gallagher Stadium are waiting to hear back from me.

Specific Opportunity Details

My Following alone in total comes to 380,000 followers across all media, TikTok making up majority of it. But I also have built up connections with other creators who have followings of 100,00 to 1.5M and I plan to have them involved too. This could very well be a sold out event when it’s promoted in advance to our audiences and done on the right day.

A lot of the influencers to be involved do sports content so it would be great to have a sports related company sponsor the event The Elite Cup is open to any type of sponsor.

Features and Benefits

Total reach: 5 Million+

Location: TBC


Company logo on both team shirts 👕

Company with be promoted on event social media pages as well as the confirmed influencers taking part pages too.

Company promoted on banners around the stadium and will be invited to set up a booth where they can promote their business and any products on the day too to the attending supporters.

Other Partners

We are currently talking to other smaller football brands and sports related product companies but still yet to have any confirmed.


We are looking for a £2,500 sponsorship that would help afford everything to put on the event from hiring the venue to buying the kits.

Other Info

All of my socials have been linked if you are wanting further insight!