The Dance World Cup in Prague 2024

Sponsor Name: Susie Bloice

Location: Scotland

Sector: Sports

Budget: 10k - 50k

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3 young dancers are looking for sponsorship as they prepare to represent Team Scotland at the The Dance World Cup in Prague 2024.


3 talented young dancers age 9 , 10 and 12 looking for sponsors to support them on an incredible opportunity to participate in The Dance World Cup in Prague 2024 to represent Team Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Representing over 120,000 competitors from 66 countries competing at their country qualifiers and at the World Finals.

This is the greatest all-genre dance competition in the world for children and young adults around the world with 66 Countries Competing FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD.

The sponsor or sponsors would be promoted on all forms of socials in newspapers on the lead up to the big event , they could have their logo on the team kit , flags etc. When in Prague the sponsor will be promoted to many countries at the event.


Target Audience

This may appeal to nutrition companies, drink companies, Scottish companies, sports, the arts.

Key Dates and Timings

The sponsorship is required as soon as possible. It will go towards, kit, travel, accommodation, training fees, costumes.

Specific Opportunity Details

The girls are very active on social media along with their dance school. They have over 10,000 followers. With this being a global event it can reach out to many more countries. A partner should get involved as Dance is a wonderful sport where some children see it as their future. To give 3 hard working kids the opportunity of a lifetime whilst being promoted should be a joy to any sponsor.

Features and Benefits

The sponsor would get promotion of their brand or business on all forms of social media , marketing and the papers. The girls could endorse their product. The business will be advertised on clothing and at the event. The business will be promoted continuously for the next 5 months.

Other Partners



Total investment needed is 10,000.