The Ancient Philosophy Channel

Sponsor Name: Kyle Farthing

Location: Wales

Sector: Education

Budget: 10k - 50k

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I can benefit sponsors by the 50,000 monthly views i get on my youtube channel ” The Ancient Philosophy Channel a channel mainly focused around a library of historical facts pictures and videos , It is a channel that will never be just a fad as the channel contains not just entertainment educational

Target Audience

Age and gender Views · Last 28 days Female 37.5% Male 62.5% , 13–17 years 0.8% , 18–24 years 9.6% ,25–34 years , 19.9% 35–44 years , 21.4% 45–54 years , 17.3% 55–64 years ,16.1% 65+ years

Key Dates and Timings

From 13/02/2024 and hopefully it lasts for as long as possible

Specific Opportunity Details

my channel has 49.9K so far this month
39.5K more than usual
Channel views compared to your typical performance. Over time, this can help you spot high-performing videos, anticipate seasonal changes and determine when to upload new videos. This includes public, private, unlisted and deleted videos.
Watch time (hours)
117.4 more than usual
Channel watch time compared to your typical performance. This includes public, private, unlisted and deleted videos.

Features and Benefits

You will get mentioned on every video i make, i will put your brand as my cover photo, product sampling videos and advertising sponsor on social media sites

Other Partners

No other brands as of yet


Cash investment , contra or product

Other Info

My channel gets a average 50,000 views a month and is growing, 100 plus new subscribers also each month