Team Shoe-Box

Sponsor Name: Vlad Gaiduc

Location: Midlands

Sector: Boxing

Budget: Budget Varies

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I was a kickboxing fighter with a record of 4-0 now I decided to switch myself into boxing because there are more career opportunities, I am looking to find sponsorship to help me in my goal of becoming a future boxing world champion, the sponsorship will help me with my (medical license etc) and also allow me to be able to train full time to become the best I can be, I am able to take on one off sponsorship deals in return for promotion of your business in the lead up to my fights, and a space

Target Audience

My target audience will be everyone excited about sport and shows

Key Dates and Timings

It could be a one off sponsorship deal or a full time sponsorship for all year round promotion

Specific Opportunity Details

My aim is to be live streamed on the biggest boxing broadcaster in the World which is DAZN.

Features and Benefits

Promotion and a space on my fight shorts and walkout t-shirt.

Other Partners



It depends on the company, cash investment