Team Nitro

Sponsor Name: Chloe Nunn

Location: South West

Sector: Water Sports


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Team Nitro are seeking sponsorship to support them as they prepare to sail in the J24 World Championships 2025.


Team Nitro is an all female, southwest based, J24 keelboat crew campaigning to sail in the J24 World Championships 2025 in Plymouth, UK – our home. Through our sailing, we are advocating for increased accessibility to the sport by women and engagement in ocean sustainability and data collection. As young women in a sport dominated by affluent men, one of our greatest challenges is funding our campaign.

We are seeking sponsors who share our values and want to contribute to gender equity and ocean science. In return, we will use our platform to share the work of our sponsors. This could include having your logos on our boat, sails, or kit, alongside promotion on social media/website.


Target Audience

Sailors, women of all ages, water sport enthusiasts, marine scientists.

Key Dates and Timings

Our campaign will start in Spring 2024, with the J24 World Championships 2025 taking place in September 2025. We will be competing in a number of qualifying events held in the UK in 2024 and will continue competing and training in the run up to the Championships themselves in 2025.

Specific Opportunity Details

Our boat, Nitro, needs ongoing maintenance and storage, new parts, and high quality sails, all of which are expensive. We will also need new crew kit, and there are opportunities to fund specific training opportunities or advocacy activities.

We are based out of Saltash Sailing Club which has hundreds of members of all ages, and will have opportunities to deliver engagement talks to the Club. The sailing community in Plymouth is large, and we are well connected so will be able to reach many more individuals in the region. We have the support of the UK J24 Class Association which gives us access to the J24 sailing community in the UK and abroad. The J24 World Championships in Plymouth will see 50 boats coming to the city, and an expected 500 people will be involved in some respect as a result of the international event.

Across all of our personal social media accounts we have 1000+ followers and hope to build team accounts soon so that we can build a community of engaged and supportive followers.

Features and Benefits

Our sponsors will be able to have their branding visible on our boat, sails, or kit in addition to promotion online and through talks. The boat will be sailed at least weekly for about six months in 2024 and 2025, and likely many more years afterwards. We will race in large events across the UK south coast during the next two years, with hundreds of sailors and non-sailors in attendance. If of interest, we are also able to facilitate links with the larger events so that sponsors can explore further promotional opportunities.

Other Partners

We currently have the support of the UK J24 Class Association.


We are seeking financial investment for maintenance, storage, and sails which comes to approximately £2500 per year. We are also seeking sailing kit (waterproofs, buoyancy aids etc.) which could be in the form of a cash investment or provision of products. There are other opportunities which could be supported through cash investment or provision of supplies - if you are interested in supporting us we can provide details on these as well.