Team KMA

Sponsor Name: Neil Eggerton

Location: West Yorkshire

Sector: Martial Arts

Budget: Budget Varies

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Team KMA are looking for sponsorship as some students qualified for the world kickboxing championships.


We have recently taken part in the national qualifiers for the world kickboxing championships. Out of 25 students entered 22 were selected to represent England. The championships will take place in Orlando in October 2023. We Last year team kma came back from the championships with 5 world champions. There are a few packages available which include team members sporting kit with sponsors names on, social media exposure and a few more options.


Target Audience

Male and female, age 2-99, sociable enjoys sports

Key Dates and Timings

The world championships are in October 2023. There are several national competitions throughout the UK through the year which the team will be taking part in.

Specific Opportunity Details

There are several competitions around the UK throughout the year. We have followings on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

Features and Benefits

Branding AND social media exposure

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