Team HOSKY Esports

Sponsor Name: Edward Nussey-Waite

Location: Europe

Sector: Esports

Budget: Budget Varies

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Team HOSKY are an Eports organisation who are seeking sponsorship as they compete in regular tournaments which are streamed online.


Team HOSKY is an esports organisation based in Europe. We currently compete in the highest level of Rocket League. We have already started to make our mark in the rocket league scene and have built an awesome community.

We put our blood, sweat and tears into this project and will put our heart and soul into any projects/offers presented to us and cannot wait to see what the future brings.


Target Audience

Esports has an appeal from around 10-50 year olds, both Male and Female.

Specific Opportunity Details

Here at Team HOSKY we compete in regular tournaments monthly, and sometimes weekly, which is streamed on our twitch channels and other channels amassing hundreds, if not thousands of viewers at once. We can offer an outreach of over 65,000 on social media as well as 50+ average viewers on our own Twitch channel to help promote your brand!

Features and Benefits

We can offer branding on all of our social media posts, and jerseys that we wear to all the events we go to. We can also run advertisements during breaks on our streams, as well as segments within our YouTube content. You would receive regular updates on how the team is doing, as well as invites to events and team merchandise sent to you.

Other Partners

We work with EKIS: The Coaching Company and Jersix.

Other Info

The 2 owners at Team HOSKY Esports have a vast amount of experience, 1 working within the gaming industry and esports for 15+ years, the other assisting the running of Rocket League esports within the Royal Air Force for 3 years.

Combined they make an excellent team with a wealth of knowledge to guide us through the esports scene and help push your brand to the next level with it.