TBD Global Online Conference

Sponsor Name: HERE FORTH

Location: Global

Sector: Corporate Events, Events

Budget: 10k - 50k, 50k - 100k

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TBD: “Like TED…But Without The Bullsh!t” – Technology. Behaviour. Data – the global online conference that answers hard questions


Focused on the next 24-months, TBD will help a global audience of C-Suite execs, brands, agencies and entrepreneurs navigate what will likely be the most pivotal period of their lives thanks to the pandemic, economy, Brexit, disruptive technologies, and other factors.

TBD will focus on three main areas; technology, behaviour and data. With its raw, unforgiving format, style and hard questions, TBD makes sure attendees get inspired, energised and leave action-orientated when they return to their businesses.

Previous speakers include CEOs and Senior executives from Uber, Alibaba, Lego, Twitter, Google are mixed with hostage negotiators, spies, investigative journalists and whistleblowers. TBD is not like other conferences. There are multiple ways and opportunities to get involved. The Economist is already a partner.

Target Audience

Global for the first time, TBD will have thousands of viewers on the day and additional views from segments released after the event. Male/Female, highly curious, all industries, into technology, behaviour, data, business, success, knowledge, ABC1 demographic. TBD overindexes on senior roles and key decision-makers in larger organisations usually, going virtual means this can be broadened out.

Key Dates and Timings

January 2021 – Final date is TBC

Specific Opportunity Details

• One-day conference
• +20 speakers
• Central London
• Interludes include resident slam poetry and other special guests
• Tiered, specific and bespoke sponsorship available

Features and Benefits

These will be determined on an individual basis but there are opps at all stages.

Other Partners

Previous partners include Knomo, Moo.co, Groovy Gecko, SAI, Black + Blum, HH Global, G.F. Smith, Motion Nutrition, Blue, Hive, Magic Leap, Bagboard, Tinggly, Dodow, Freitag, Heaps & Stacks, OTO, Future Strategy Club,
Media partner will be The Economist.


Both cash and contra opportunities are being considered.

Other Info

Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Executive Officer/Founder Chief Information Officer
Chief Technology Officer
VPs, Directors and Managers of
Marketing Technology
User Experience – UX
Creative Services
Product Marketing
Conversion, Testing, or Optimization Marketing
Business Development
Agency Principal
Agency Account Manager Client Success Manager Content Strategist Creative Technologist Analyst