Tankerton Football Club

Sponsor Name: Reuben Taylor

Location: South East

Sector: Football

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Tankerton Football Club are seeking sponsorship for new kits to get ready for the upcoming 2023/24 season


Tankerton Football Club are a Chartered Standard Community Football Club in Kent. We have 25 teams playing across 5 leagues from ages 4 to Veteran, providing football for 370 young people hoping to expand in the near future.

Investment towards the completion of our pitches and field development, through fundraising we have raised the majority of the 1 million pounds it has taken to start the project, however we are still short in that regard and the rest of the sponsorship will go towards the clubs Mens first team for new kits with the sponsors business/organisation printed on the front and some game day tracksuit with the organisation printed on it as well that the whole squad will wear to home and away games.

If the first prospect year and investment makes great progress then on decision to stay and stick with the club the home pitches and fields along with the clubhouse should be finished and it will be a chance for additional promotion and advertising to bring the community in to enjoy the space and the facilities it has.


Target Audience

Appeals to the entire community between two towns in the Kent area bringing in attention from both side easily accessible by car, bike or bus route. Range from all ages male and female ages 4 to 40+ for those who enjoy coming to support their local club play football and for those who like to take their kids out on a weekend to a clubhouse and social place.

Key Dates and Timings

Sponsorship is preferably required around the start of the season which will be 19th August 2023, however any time after this date is also fine, as it will be needed during the whole season 23-24.

Specific Opportunity Details

Fan base is basically the whole town and any near by that support grassroots football the only issue we lack is not having a specific pitch and community ready ground to call our home in order to host home games and the rest of the fan base community.

Potential partners should get involved because of the rewards this investment will reap. With the backing of a sponsor I am sure that without a doubt it will ensure better quality from the club, a greater sense of togetherness amongst the team and community to a the point the locals can feel like they can get involved. Along with the other plans for the pitches and the club house which will only build more publicity and attraction to coming out to spend weekend afternoons walking your dog by the nature reserve and the lake along our pitch side.

Features and Benefits

    ⁃    Business printed on Home & Away kit.
    ⁃    Sponsorship signs/banners posted around home ground during home games.
    ⁃    Sponsor business promoted on all social media platforms.
    ⁃    Promotional videos created with The Team.
    ⁃    Sponsor pop up stall/shops to be installed once brand new clubhouse is finished being built.
    ⁃    Branding/promo built and posted all over new Home ground in construction.
    ⁃    With 2 11 a side pitches, 9 aside pitches and a few small 5 aside pitches.
    ⁃    All pitches are to cater to all the teams for Tankerton Football Club:
    ⁃    Men’s 1st Team, U18s U16s U14s U11s U9s U5s boy teams, U16s & U11s Girls Team,Veterans Team, pan-disability team and more.

Other Partners

At the moment we have a Nike Brand partnership, meaning any brand display on training kits and match day kit or tracksuits must be Nike branded.


Investment for the club and community in assisting with the completion of the pitches. Product support in the sense that the squad Mens 1st team requires new home and away kit along with squad match day tracksuits. Promotional support for the promotion of our new kits and photos or advertisements created.

Other Info

The profits made in the clubhouse from sales of items & purchases at the Bar on game day. Including: sweets, Snacks, drinks, Burgers, hot dogs, beers 18+ (Think 25 or ID required), useable items football or sports related protein bars and shakes, airfloat footballs, frisbees, bubbles, tennis balls.
    ⁃    Hosting tournaments for teams all around the county bringing in more revenue as well as more publicity for the club Sponsors and any additional promoters.
    ⁃    The agreed rental quote agreed by chairman sponsor and board to hire clubhouse out to families and businesses for children’s birthday parties, presentation days/nights, youth club events, Funerals, Funeral wakes, Football events & watch parties e.g. England Euro games/ World Cup games , Champions league games, live streaming premier league on a Saturday or Sunday when the Men’s first Team along with all other Tankerton FC Teams associated.
    ⁃    Renting out the smaller 5 aside & 9 aside pitches to local 6 aside tournament teams or hourly rates for locals wanting to use the pitches for training or small games (discounted rates for club members & players/ referenced with club records)
    ⁃    Opens up a lot Volunteer/Job opportunities for the community and Near by - from receptionist, Bar Manager, bartenders/barista, cleaners, Ground
managers, Physiotherapists.
    ⁃    Clubhouse can also present as a modern place for community gatherings of all ages.