Sponsor Name: Harvey Maggs

Location: South West

Sector: Football

Budget: Under 10k

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Talkin’Ball are looking for sponsorship to support their YouTube channel after having a quick increase of views and subscribers.


Talkin’Ball is a football based YouTube channel that is rapidly rising in numbers after receiving over 100 subscribers in just over a month and four uploads. Including our shorts we have also amassed a grand total of 43.3k views in this short period of time. With the some investment into the channel we aim to improve our studio and video quality and will thank our potential sponsor in every video as we will recognise it will not be possible without them.


Target Audience

Our audience is majority male 18-24, into sports, ABC1 demographic.

Key Dates and Timings

This sponsorship will be required for the 31st July and will be a three week deal, this gives the potential sponsor a chance to extend after a successful three week period but also the option to not extend if targets have not been met whilst not losing a large investment of money due to the short term deal.

Specific Opportunity Details

Our fan base is rapidly rising after receiving over 100 subscribers and including our shorts, 43.3k views all in just over a month. By partnering with us early you have a chance to make a smart investment as our fan base will only grow more and more. We will not price ourselves at a high fee so there is a very low risk and a big potential of great reward.

Features and Benefits

The potential sponsor will receive a small investment opportunity that has a high chance to turn into a great reward due to our rapidly rising numbers in views and subscribers. We will advertise the product in every video giving it the time and limelight it deserves due to helping us produces the highest quality content for our high rising fan base.

Other Partners

We currently have no other brands involved due to how fresh we are on the scene. However, of course we are always looking to add to our sponsors for the channel.


We are looking for an investment of £52.90 across the three weeks as we feel that is fair for the dedication we make and the right amount of investment our channel needs to produce high quality content.