Szakacs Studios

Sponsor Name: James Anthony Szakacs

Location: North East

Sector: Film

Budget: Over 100k

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Szakacs Studios are seeking sponsorship to support their ballet company as they aim to premier at the Sadlers Wells Theatre in 2025.


I am writing to ask if an organisation would be interested in financially supporting our studio dance company of 16 artists through their four-month rehearsal period from January to April/May 2025. The ballet company is named Szakacs Studios. Many of us are former dancers of the Royal Ballet, English National Ballet, and Teatro alla Scala who have come together to produce some of the country’s finest and newest works, to potentially premier at the Sadlers Wells Theatre, London in April 2025.

We are trying to create a budget of £308,000 that can comfortably fit all our expenses and potential emergencies from now until our premiere. Four of us are working on a voluntary basis with this project (and are happy to do so) and are willing to do so until January 30th, 2025. All we ask is the security, for our talent to be rewarded with payment for their inevitable hard work.

Our project is going to proceed without bias in its selection of dancers, inclusivity and diversity are a huge part of our motto which we wholeheartedly believe to be our unique selling point in an industry that is quite stuck in the old-fashioned way of functioning.

With our connections made through decades in the industry, we believe with all our might that talent and success will be witnessed and are looking for organisations to share in this story, with an 80% takeaway from our ticket sales (potentially tripling their initial investment in one season).

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,
James Anthony Szakacs

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Target Audience

We appeal to all age ranges and demographics. With our moto of inclusivity and diversity and our ambition to create new, allmost challenging works will resonate with many in our current times.

Key Dates and Timings

18 artistic staff need paying £3,200 on every 28th of the month of January, February, March, and April 2025.

We will have 6-8 performance dates secured with the Sadlers Wells Theatre, London in the last two weeks of April 2025 as prefiously discussed with them.

Specific Opportunity Details

We are creating opportunities for every gender, identity, and race to audition for us. Not as a 'token' to be added, but to be selected on pure skill and talent alone. We believe this 'breath of fresh air' will nourish our work and our leading artist staff with their decades of experience has witnessed so many occasions of real talent being looked over for the 'pretty, blonde' aesthetic.

Our production will have a Live Pianist playing our chosen music who has a social media following of 70,000. Jo, @theangrypianist has agreed to come on board and is extremely excited.

If you love the arts and progression, music and emotion you will adore your time with our extremely talented people. With all our effort and might, only asking for a salary to perform and produce this work we are willing to have the sponsor walk away with 80% of our ticket sales, potentially tripling their money.

This is our artistic staff's passion and drive. We will make this phenomenal, We have the numbers, we have the talent, and all we need is a salary for just January, February, March, and April of 2025 secured.

Features and Benefits

Our sponsors can have all the branding and attention they want. Naturally, they will be offered free tickets to our shows and in-house visitst to our rehearsals and artistic thought processes and brainstorming meetings. We want our sponsors close and happy with our work, they can equally inspire us as people.

Other Partners

Currently, there may be an association with Lenovo Computer, although not secured or finalised. There are a couple of private sponsors in discussion who wish to remain anonymous.


£308,000 cash to be available to use come 2025

Other Info

Our works will range from the strictest of classical ballets to the most thought-provoking of contemporary pieces. We want to explore and delve into our thoughts and questions asked through our time as professional dancers with some of the world's leading ballet dance companies.