Sylvio Pasqualini – Skydiver

Sponsor Name: Sylvio Pasqualini

Location: Europe, UK National

Sector: Sports

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Sylvio Pasqualini is looking for sponsorship for their extreme sport as a skydiver.


Sylvio Pasqualini is a skydiver looking for a sponsor. As I am travelling worldwide for work, I always take the chance to jump in local drop zones with groups of people that I meet there. Knowing that the skydive community is quite large and various (doctors, firemen, teachers, students, business owners, high level management in big corporations,….) this would allow your company to reach some potentials customers worldwide.


Key Dates and Timings

I am looking for a yearly sponsorship agreement.

Specific Opportunity Details

Skydiving not being my only extreme sport as I dive and also practice winter sports, we could discuss in the future for more funding if the sponsor is satisfy in this first step.

Features and Benefits

I will add the logo of the sponsor on my current equipment and add them on each one of my post in addition to introduce them at each one of the drop zone where I will jump.


I am looking for a 8000GBP per year, which would help me to maintain my current equipment, and buy new equipment when necessary.