Sutton Royal Netball Club

Sponsor Name: Alston Owens

Location: Midlands

Sector: Womens Sport

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Sutton Royal Netball Club are looking for sponsorship to support their club as they continue to progress and develop.


Sutton Royal Netball Club (SRNC) proudly bears the prestigious Silver CAPS accreditation. Our journey began in 2013 when a dedicated group of parents came together to establish a club that would nurture the netball talent within our community, providing opportunities for players of all abilities to flourish in this exhilarating team sport.

Our Club Vision:

Participate | Develop | Excel

With players ranging from school year 4 to year 10, SRNC fields junior and intermediate teams that eagerly participate in local leagues and national competitions. Alongside our junior and intermediate teams, SRNC boasts senior squads competing in local leagues, with our first team proudly representing us in the highly competitive West Midlands Regional League.

Our Training Locations:

Juniors and Intermediates: Join us on Mondays at the North Birmingham Academy, College Road, B44 0HF, where young talents are honed into future netball stars.

Seniors: For our seasoned players, we convene on Tuesdays at St Francis of Assisi Catholic College, Erdington Road, WS9 0RN, for intense training sessions that sharpen our skills and foster camaraderie.

At SRNC, we believe that netball is not just a game but a platform for personal growth, teamwork, and excellence. Join us in our quest to empower the netball community by becoming a part of our vibrant club. Together, we’ll continue to uphold the values of participation, development, and achieving excellence both on and off the court.


Target Audience

Netball, Women, Age 7 - 76, EDI , Highly Social, International Women Sport, Diversity in Sport

Key Dates and Timings

Sponsorship sort for per season

1. Xmas Event - Dec
2 End of Season Awards Ceremony

Specific Opportunity Details

Sponsorship Opportunities for Sutton Royal Netball Club (SRNC)

Match Dress Sponsorship:
Logo on player uniforms
Local and regional exposure
Engaged fan base
Strong web and social media presence

Social Media Presence:

Partner for online visibility
Active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
Growing social media following
Connect with an engaged online community

Marquee Branding:

Prominent signage at home matches
Local crowd attendance
Exposure on web and social media
Be part of the live netball experience

Xmas Events and End of Season Awards:

Sponsor special events
Local community engagement
Event promotion on web and social media
Align with celebration and community spirit

SRNC offers versatile sponsorships to meet various marketing goals, from field visibility to online exposure and community engagement. Join us to promote your brand and support local sports and community growth.

Features and Benefits

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Advertising: Sponsors gain access to our advertising channels, including digital and print media, allowing them to reach our audience through targeted ad campaigns and featured mentions in our publications.

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Online Exposure: Sponsors benefit from our strong online presence, with mentions and branding on our website and social media platforms, increasing their digital reach and engagement.

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