SuperNova Leagues – eSports

Sponsor Name: Alex Bushnell - SuperNova Leagues

Location: Europe

Sector: Esports, Events

Budget: Budget Varies

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SuperNova Leagues seek sponsorship for their upcoming eSports tournament and future expansion


Greetings! My names Alex and I’m the owner of an up and coming eSports tournament organiser known as SuperNova Leagues, currently, we are operating small-tournaments on the game called Valorant, however we look to begin hosting larger tournaments, in a wider variety of games in the near future, 100% of funding gained from this sponsor will go to our expansion in reaching new audiences and improving stream quality.

Currently, our tournaments are watched by over a hundred unique viewers on our English Twitch channel, and our new Portugese Twitch channel will start operating in a weeks time with an objective of reaching 50 unique viewers within the first week. We also run a discord server with close to 100 active members. We are an expanding and rapidly growing community that was built from scratch, we believe are approaching a rapid and crucial point in our growth, and aim to increase our reach to over 1k viewers and community members by September.

Your brand, product or entity will be advertised on BOTH of our channels through the form of a permanent banner before, during and after tournament matches, as well as shout-outs from commentators at least twice every hour of streaming, it will also be advertised on our discord server through news articles and shout outs.

I am willing to negotiate prices for the sponsorship price and length, however I look to keep the price between £50-£100 for a 2 month partnership. For more information, feel free to send me an email at

I look forward to working closely with you!

Target Audience

Male 13-30. Gaming/Sports. Lower-Middle Class.

Key Dates and Timings

Upcoming Tournament Dates and Times:

15th-23rd May
18:00BST-21:00BST 15th May
19:00BST-21:00BST 16th-21st May
20:00BST-23:00BST 22nd-23rd May
20:00BST-22:00BST 5th-6th June
18:00BST-21:00BST 19th June
19:00BST-21:00BST 20th-25th June
20:00BST-23:00BST 26th-27th June

Specific Opportunity Details

100+ Unique English Viewers

Potential for 50+ Unique Portugese Viewers

70 Discord Community Members

Features and Benefits

-Permanent Banner on Twitch channel (Shown for entire stream)

-Mentions/Shout out at least twice every hour of stream.

-Regular advertising in discord server