Stop Hunger And Reduce Poverty Campaign

Sponsor Name: Monty Burn

Location: UK National

Sector: Events, Not For Profit

Budget: Under 10k

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Money Expert Monty Burn is looking for sponsorship to support his campaign Stop Hunger And Reduce Poverty (SHARP)


With millions of people in the UK struggling financially, action is needed urgently. Our action will come in the form of free demos at local venues nationwide. The demos will prove that you can have “More Money Without More Work”®. which will help Stop Hunger And Reduce Poverty (SHARP). The aim is to give people power over their money and show them how they can help prevent hunger and poverty. The event headline “More Money Without More Work”® should create sufficient interest from consumers and the media for PR purposes. PR could be used to provide location details of venues and help sell the idea that the demo will be an “experience” event.


Target Audience

The demographic points to Moms, Dads, students, or anyone that must manage money. The event target strategy will appeal to all levels of income including those on state benefits and the wealthy. Age group over 16

Key Dates and Timings

The event and the sponsorship are required ASAP and will last as long as sponsors are interested.

Specific Opportunity Details

Showing consumers how to have “More Money Without More Work”® is distinctive as everyone wants more money. Therefore, a sponsor’s name and products should get a lot of positive exposure. Precise target marketing can be achieved by sponsors selecting the area/s they want or need a presence.

Features and Benefits

The main feature is to give sponsors target audience and existing customers “More Money Without More Work”®. The main benefit is more money means more disposal income to spend. Sponsors’ branding will be publicised at each venue and PR occasions. All companies would like no competition and that is what they get with our totally unique SHARP campaign.

Other Partners

This is a startup; therefore, sponsors are yet to be appointed. Ideally, we would like one sponsor for continuity for our SHARP campaign. However, in the interests of both consumers and sponsors we are flexible in sponsor proposals.


Each city promo is estimated to cost between C £5k and £10k enabling a sponsor to budget. The money will be used for promo only as the product has been designed and is ready for use.

Other Info

My website has a Money Master spreadsheet that we will use during the free demos. The concept is ancient and proven by academics worldwide. Whilst it is a simple concept it’s obvious that the average person fails to adhere to the concept. Nobody can have any reservations that the concept of More Money Without More Work works for everyone. My Testimonials should aid in getting people to come and listen to what I have to say.