Steampunks of Gloucestershire

Sponsor Name: Mat McCall

Location: South West

Sector: Not For Profit

Budget: Budget Varies

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Steampunks of Gloucestershire are seeking sponsorship as they provide family-friendly charitable events to the local community.


Steampunks of Gloucestershire – We are a community organisation that runs family-friendly charitable events in Gloucestershire, in the last 30 months we have raised over £13000 for charities in Gloucestershire. Our last event in Gloucester City brought over 1800 people through the doors of the Folk of Gloucester over two days. We work with local venues such as the Folk, St Mary de Crypt Church, Woodchester Mansion Trust, and the Gloucester Civic Trust. And our events and the numbers attending are growing massively, benefiting not just the venues but the whole city. We have done all this in the last 30 months with no outside funding and no sponsorship. Our events are now high-profile in the city and have a growing reputation. What we need is some sponsorship to expand these events (twice a year); pay for proper publicity, book big-name acts for the evening music events, and bring in more street entertainment. We don’t need much as we have done all this on no budget so far. What would a sponsor get? Your name clearly associated with the fastest-growing free festivals in the West Country.


Target Audience

We are Steampunks and we are part of the most inclusive, dynamic, and creative subculture there is. Our events are always family friendly. Our demographic proudly crosses all ages, genders, races and cultures. We reach out to everyone from small children to retired adults, entire families to the whole LGBTQIA+ community.

Key Dates and Timings

We run our events twice a year in Gloucester city centre. We run our first event at Woodchester Mansion last Mayday and will be returning there next year.

Specific Opportunity Details

We are Steampunks and we are part of the most inclusive, dynamic, and creative subculture there is. Our festivals are FREE to attend during the day, they include markets, music, entertainment, activities, and laughter. Our last event at Woodchester Mansion in Stroud brought the largest number of visitors to the Mansion in one day, over 1000 people attended on Mayday. Our last event in Gloucester's Folk (the old Folk Museum) saw 1800 people attend, in costume, over the weekend. We bring colour and craziness to the city and into people's lives. A sponsor could help us build these events into the largest Steampunk events in the UK and a major tourist attraction in its own right.

Features and Benefits

As we are new to this we would be open to ideas from a sponsor. We work in cooperation with various group, so working in cooperation with a sponsor would create no issues.

Other Partners

No brands, Our partners we work with are local charitable organsiations. All money we make goes to them. The Gloucester Civic Trust. Woodhchester Mansion Trust, The Folk of Gloucester CommunitySpace. St Mary de Crypt Church. soon we will be bringing on board St Micheal's Tower Gloucester.


£5000 to £10000, and/or promotional support

Other Info

The Lincoln Asylum Steampunk event in 13 years old this year, it started with about 200 people attending in Lincoln Old Asylum, for two days. Last year it had over 5000 attendees in costume, and 25000 tourists came just to see the spectacle. It runs for most of the August Bank holiday week and is Lincoln's largest event and biggest tourist earner, making millions for Lincoln's tourist industry. We started bigger than them and we are growing faster. This is a chance to get in at the beginning of something big.